Home Firm Overview Attorneys Andrew Cores Matthew Grob Wendy M. Musielak Practice Areas Collaborative Law and Mediation Collaborative Law What Is the Collaborative Law Process? Collaborative Versus Traditional Litigation Mediation Why Choose Mediation? How Mediation Works Conflict Resolution Court-Appointed Versus Private Mediation Family Law Cohabitation Agreements Domestic Partnerships Fathers' Rights Grandparents’ Rights Guardian Ad Litem Guardianships Mothers' Rights Paternity Postnuptial Agreements Prenuptial Agreements Divorce An Amicable Divorce Attorneys Fees in a Divorce Bankruptcy & Divorce Contested Versus Uncontested Divorce Dissipation of Marital Assets Dividing Marital Debt Division of Property Divorce Mediation Grounds for Divorce in IL Legal Separation Long-Term Maintenance/Alimony Military Divorce Protecting Credit During Divorce Social Media and Divorce Spousal Support The Divorce Process Child Custody / Parental Responsibilities Child Relocation Child Visitation / Parenting Time Creating a Parenting Plan Factors in Deciding Child Custody Juvenile Rights in Child Custody Parenting Agreements Parental Relocation Child Support Child Support in High-Income Families Modification of Child Support Orders High Asset and Complex Divorce Complex Divorce Business Valuation Litigation Complex Property Division Financial Restraining Orders Finding Hidden Assets High-Asset Maintenance/Alimony Investment & Retirement Accounts in Divorce Protecting Professional Practices The Business Valuation Process Enforcement of Court Orders Modification of Child Custody Orders Modification of Divorce Judgments Modification of Spousal Support Resources Awards & Memberships Illinois Super Lawyers Avvo 10.0 Rating Leading Lawyers Illinois State Bar Association American Bar Association Firm News Legal Articles Using Collaborative Law to Resolve Family Legal Issues Unconventional penalty for late child support payees gaining momentum Tips to Protect Your Credit During and After Divorce The Basics on the Enforceability of Premarital Agreements in Illinois Separate Lives - One Roof: Divorced Roommates Common in Illinois Protecting Your Family-Owned Business During a Divorce Proposal to Change Child Visitation Standards in Illinois Prenuptial Agreements Becoming Essential Part of Marriage New program targets overdue child support payments Modern Blended Families Leaving Marriage Behind: Many Couples Deciding to Remain Unmarried Enforcement of Illinois Prenuptial Agreements Divorce and Facebook: Be Careful What You Post Discovering Hidden Assets During Divorce Considerations for divorced parents seeking to relocate Concerns Regarding High-Asset and Complex Divorces Cohabitation: Economic Benefits and Drawbacks Baby boomer divorce rates increasing, financial planning vital Videos Blog Am I Allowed to Date During My Divorce? The Potential Impact of Divorce on Social Security Modifying Child Support or Maintenance Orders Considerations for Your Business in Divorce Will I Receive Spousal Support After My Divorce? Dividing Valuable Assets in Divorce Differences Between a Military Divorce and Civilian Divorce The Role of a Guardian ad Litem Dividing Retirement Benefits in Divorce Are There Rules About Spending Child Support Payments? Are Frozen Embryos Marital Property? How Can I Make Sure My Prenuptial Agreement Is Valid? Divorce and Alternative Dispute Resolution Methods Imputed Income in Child Support Cases Bankruptcy Could Affect Divorce Proceedings Beauty Workers Join the Fight Against Domestic Violence Moving Out of Illinois After a Divorce Drug Abuse and Parental Responsibilities When Does Separate Property Become Marital Property? What Does an Illinois Court Consider Income When Determining Alimony? How Much Are Stock Options Really Worth in a Divorce? Hiding Assets in Digital Currencies Avoiding the Courtroom in Parental Responsibilities Proceedings Can an Illinois Judge Refuse to Grant Me a Divorce? When Will an Illinois Court Modify a Parenting Plan? Can You Blame Social Media for Your Divorce? Do I Have to Pay Income Tax on Alimony? Can I Sue My Spouse's Lover for Breaking Up Our Marriage? Does Illinois Recognize Paternity Orders From Foreign Countries? How High Can Illinois Spousal Support Get? Where Should I File My Divorce Case? Is There a Peak Season for Divorce? Tax Refunds and Child Support Calculations Updating Your Estate Plan Following a Divorce The Dangers of Violating a Visitation Plan Can I Count Cohabiting Years Towards My Divorce? Should I Spy on My Spouse's Email If I Suspect Infidelity? Bifurcated Divorce: Can I Get Divorced Right Away in Illinois? Can I Seek Pet Visitation in an Illinois Divorce? Can My Child Be Moved Out of Illinois Without My Consent? Can I Change My Child's Name After a Divorce in Illinois? Is My Spouse Entitled to Half of My Personal Injury Settlement in a Divorce? Modifying an Illinois Child Custody Order Can Unmarried Same-Sex Couples Get “Divorced” in Illinois? Military Survivor Benefits in an Illinois Divorce Determining the Value of a Family Business in an Illinois Divorce What Does the Typical Illinois Divorce Mediation Look Like? Factors Considered in Equitable Distribution of Assets in Illinois Divorce Choosing a Mediator for Your Illinois Divorce The Concept of Guardianship in Illinois What Constitutes a Conflict of Interest for a Mediator in an Illinois Divorce Case? What Happens to Your Health Insurance After Divorce in Illinois? Social Media Use and Your Illinois Divorce Modifying a Parenting Agreement Post-Divorce in Illinois The Rights of Teenage Parents: Parenting as a Minor in Illinois Warning Signs of a Controlling Relationship Use of Technology-Based Evidence Increases in Family Courts Determining Child Support for High-Income Families in Illinois Relocating With a Child Under Recent Changes to Illinois Law Six-Month Separation Sufficient for Divorce Filing Taxes and Divorce in Illinois Who Pays for Daycare After Divorce In Illinois? Parent Education Requirements in DuPage County Your Credit Rating and Divorce Paying College Tuition and Expenses After Divorce in Illinois Moving Out of the Shared Home During Divorce Proceedings in Illinois Divorce and Family Law Issues Facing Military Families Religious Disputes and Custody Agreements in Illinois Determining Spousal Support in Illinois Choosing a High-Net Worth Divorce Attorney Modifying a Divorce Decree Mediation in Divorce Proceedings in Illinois Court Order Enforcement in Illinois Finding Hidden Assets in an Illinois Divorce When is Collaborative Divorce a Good Choice? Financial Restraining Orders in Illinois Divorce Cases Understanding the Best Interest of the Child Standard Civil Unions and Marriage Equality in Illinois Grounds for Divorce in Illinois Uncontested and Contested Divorce Proceedings in Illinois Protecting Fathers' Rights in Illinois Relocation and Parenting Plans in Illinois Child Support Modification in Illinois Illinois Parenting Time Disputes When Your Child Is Breastfeeding When Does a Child Have a Say in an Illinois Parenting Time Dispute? Divorce Attorney’s Fees in Illinois Establishing Spousal Support in Illinois Grandparent Visitation Rights in Illinois Paternity Law Basics in Illinois The Importance of Prenuptial Agreements Net Income in Illinois Means More Than Just Your Paycheck Telling Your Spouse That You Want a Divorce in Illinois Revocable Trusts and Splitting Assets in Illinois Divorce Cases Common Ways Spouses Try to Avoid Spousal and Child Support Judgments Irreconcilable Differences: The Only Grounds for Divorce in Illinois Modifying Parenting Time Orders Under the Theory of Parental Alienation Child Support Depends on More Than Just a Parent's Income The Legal Aspects of Marriage in Illinois How to Divorce a Spouse Who Disappears in Illinois Spousal Support Can Be Terminated By Cohabitation or Remarriage Valuing Assets in a DuPage County High Asset Divorce Cook County Court Makes Record $2.3 Million Child Support Award How Does Discovery Work in an Illinois Divorce? Why Uncontested Divorce Is the Right Choice for Many DuPage County Couples Can You Be Required to Pay Your Spouse’s Attorney’s Fees in a Divorce in Illinois? How to Prepare for a Divorce in DuPage County Locating Hidden Assets in the Course of Illinois Divorce Same-Sex Divorce Issues in Illinois Seeking an Order of Protection in Illinois You Can (Possibly) Get Child Support from an Ex Who Flees the Country Can You Get Pet Visitation Following a Divorce in Illinois? Dealing With Depositions in Illinois Divorces A Deeper Look at How New Illinois Laws Affect Paying for College Tax Implications for Spousal Support in Illinois Receiving a Portion of a Former Spouse’s Pension Through a QILDRO New Illinois Laws Are Changing Parenting Plan Deadlines Uncovering Financial Infidelity in a Divorce Adoption & Guardianship in Illinois Child Custody and Visitation Under New Illinois Law Changes The Basics of Marital and Non-Marital Property Is It a Move or a Relocation? Relationship Red Flags: Is Your Spouse Stonewalling? Family Debt Can Impact Well-Being of Children Increased Privacy in Mediation Negotiate a Workable Parenting Time Agreement The End of At-Fault Divorce in Illinois Child Custody Modification Requirements Seeking Modification of Support Orders Dividing Retirement Accounts in Divorce Child Support Arrears: Owing Support after a Child's Eighteenth Birthday Court Ordered Supervised Parenting Time The Importance of Financial Disclosures to Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements College Expenses after Divorce Attorney Fees: Are There Illinois Divorce Lawyers Who Work on a Contingency-Fee Basis? What Is a Guardian Ad Litem in Illinois? Enforcement of Out-of-State Child Support Orders Should You Take Your Divorce Case to Trial? Parental Rights: Who Gets to Determine My Child’s Religion? Dispelling Common Child Support Myths What Is a 'Conflict of Interest' and How Can It Impact My Choice of an Attorney? Child Custody Issues: Should I Force My Child to Visit with the Other Parent? Choose Your Family Law Mediator Wisely Do I Need an Expert Witness in My Child Custody Case? Child Custody: When the Past Haunts a Parent in the Present Marital Assets: How Will Illinois Treat My Personal Injury Award in a Divorce? Service of Process: Can I Serve My Spouse with Divorce Notices by Facebook? Substitution of Judges: Can I Get a New Judge in My Divorce Case? - Part II Peremptory Substitution: Can I Get a New Judge in My Divorce Case? - Part I How Do Illinois Courts Divide Marital Debt in a Divorce? Divorce Process: Can I Stop My Divorce Case? What Does Illinois’ New Spousal Maintenance Formula Mean for Your Divorce? Paternity Brings Both Rights and Responsibilities How Long is Child Support Obligation in Illinois? Three Tips For Effective Co-Parenting after a Divorce Prenuptial Agreements in Illinois Gambling and Divorce Penalties for Failure to Pay Child Support Splitting Siblings up in Child Custody Cases Who Gets the Pets in a Divorce? What Happens during a Child Custody Study? Divorce Process: Can a Court Deny a Divorce? Should My Spouse and I Enter into a Postnuptial Agreement? Dating While Divorcing – Is It a Good Idea? Child Custody Modification: What Is the Best Interest of the Child? Separate and Apart – What Does it Mean? The Role of Adultery in an Illinois Divorce Annulments: Void vs. Voidable Marriages in Illinois and Why It Matters Common Issues to Discuss during Divorce Mediation When Ex-Spouses Abuse the Legal System Common Misconceptions about Divorce in Illinois Warning Signs an Ex May Be Hiding Assets in a Divorce Custody Reform: Child Custody Laws Moving Towards Equal Time Divorce Study: More Siblings Means a Stronger Marriage Family Laws Moving towards Equal Child Custody Time Divorcing with Disabled Children Keeping the Marital Home in a Divorce Common Mistakes in High Asset Divorces Continuing Your (Spouse's) Health Insurance After Divorce Child Support and Remarriage Property Division: Man Saws Belongings in Half Pending Divorce Relocating after Divorce Contested Divorce – Two-Part Process Upholding the Rights of Children Requirements for Uncontested Divorce in Illinois Joint Simplified Dissolution of Marriage DuPage County – One of the Best in the Country Visitation Rights for Grandparents Rights of Unmarried Fathers Cohabitation Confusion in Illinois Postnuptial Agreements May Help Your Marriage Notice of Service: Divorce by Facebook? Children Fare Better in Joint Custody Arrangements Latest Survey Highlights the Social Media and Divorce Connection Divorce and Immigration Status Child Support and Special Needs Children: Continuing beyond Age 18 Creating a Child Custody Arrangement for Your Family Cohabitation: Illinois Supreme Court to Hear First Unmarried Couple Case in over 30 Years Military Deployments and Child Custody Special Considerations for High Asset Divorce Don’t Let Divorce Hurt Your Retirement Mediation: An Alternative to Divorce through Litigation Preparing for a Child Custody Evaluation How Judges Make Child Custody Decisions in Illinois DuPage County Divorce Attorneys Assess Divorce Trends for 2015 Emancipation under Illinois Law Stopping Parental Abduction: Two-Parent Consent for Passports Criminal Nonsupport in Illinois Civil Unions in Illinois Legal Separation in Illinois Parenting Education Classes during Divorce Pet Custody in Illinois Divorces Children of Divorce: Study Highlights How Parents Can Keep Kids Healthy Property Division Issues in Same-Sex Divorces Divorce Investigation in Illinois: Snooping on Your Spouse Marital Debt in Divorce: Who Gets the House, Who Gets the Mortgage? Broken Engagement vs. Divorce: Who Gets the Ring Estate Planning after Divorce Domestic Abuse and Divorce The Interaction of Divorce and Bankruptcy The Benefits of Prenups for Second Marriages Mental Illness and Divorce in Illinois Cohabitation Agreements: Property Rights for Unmarried Couples in Illinois Having the Prenup Conversation Understanding the Pretrial Conference The Time Value of Money in Divorce Illinois Passes Aggressive Revenge Porn Law Eavesdropping Law: Recording Conversations in Illinois The Impact of Divorce on Job Performance Supreme Court Makes International Child Custody Decision Dissolution Action Stays Study Shows Money Arguments Are Strong Predictor of Divorce Risk Discernment Counseling: A New Kind of Marriage Counseling The Most Common Reasons for Divorce New York Times Reports Declining Marriage and Divorce Rates What Marital Property Gets Divided in Divorce Illinois Supreme Court Takes Pension Division Case The How and Why of Proving Paternity Retirement Planning during Divorce Substance Abuse and Divorce Government May Remove Marital History Question from American Community Survey Legal Separation in Illinois The Benefits of Divorce Attorneys Joint Simplified Divorce in Illinois New Study Reveals the Effect of Wedding Expenses on Divorce Risk Alimony Options in Illinois Divorce and the Affordable Care Act Divorce Options: Mediation and Collaborative Divorce New Study Reports Online Dating Relationships More Likely to End in Divorce Tips for Handling the Holidays with Kids after Divorce Serving Divorce Papers over Facebook? Children and Taxes: Dependency Exemptions after Divorce Children's Rights during Child Custody Disputes Understanding Child Custody Supreme Court Rejects Same-Sex Marriage Cases Bifurcated Judgments and Divorce Stay at Home Parents and Divorce Pre-Pups: A New Trend in Divorce New Study Suggests Wealthy Children Are More Affected by Divorce Senior Citizens and Cohabitation Agreements Business Owners and Divorce Military Divorce: Child Custody during Deployment Keeping Down the Hidden Costs of Divorce How to Be the Best Divorce Client The Importance of Qualified Legal Counsel Starting the School Year after a Divorce Health Problems Associated with Divorce New Bill Punishes Revenge Porn Cyberbullying Wives’ Education and How it Impacts Divorce Rates Returning to College after Divorce How Siblings Affect Custody New Study Finds Possible Explanation for Gender Imbalance in Divorce New Spousal Support Guidelines Await Governor's Signature Illinois Marriage Law, Same-Sex Marriage, & Out-of-State Residents Middle Aged Divorce Can Lead to Happier Marriages Later Wage Garnishments and Child Support A New Kind of Infidelity Frozen Embryos during the Divorce Tax Status and Divorce The First Amendment Right to Infidelity? Tips for Childhood Obesity in Divorce How Spouses Hide Assets: Part 2 - Income Manipulation How Spouses Conceal Assets: Part 1 - Expense Manipulation Divorce and Privacy in the Digital Age The Effects of Marriage and Divorce on Your Waistline Women in the Workforce: Demographic Changes to Divorce Summer Break and Joint Custody Arrangements Divorce Negotiations 101 Understanding the Four-Way Settlement Conference Negotiation Strategies for an Uncooperative Spouse Changing Your Name after a Divorce How Divorce Affects Your Social Security Wives’ Illnesses More Likely to Cause Divorce The Difference between Annulment and Divorce Overnight Stays during Divorce: Good Idea or Bad? Is Collaborative Divorce Right for You? Understanding the Burden of Proof in Divorce Cases New Study Casts Doubts on Premarital Cohabitation as a Cause of Divorce House Bill Poised to Change Visitation Rules Techniques for Coping with the Stress of Divorce Child Support Payments and College Expenses Tips for Talking to Your Divorce Attorney The Stages of a Divorce Proceeding Asset Valuation in Illinois Divorce The Conversation: How to Tell Your Spouse You Want a Divorce Living Together During Divorce Dating After Divorce Divorce Rates Rise Along with the Economy Adultery in an Illinois Divorce How Couples Counseling Can Save a Marriage Why You Can Be Thankful for a Divorce The Cost of a Divorce Lawyer in Illinois How to Tell Your Friends and Family about Your Divorce Answers to Common Questions about Divorce in Illinois Three Tips for Choosing the Right Divorce Attorney Planning Your First Meeting with a Divorce Attorney New Illinois Law Takes Child Support from Casino Winnings Study Identifies the Cultural Effects of Divorce on Daughters New Year's Divorce Spikes Relocation and Child Custody: When Crossing State Lines Crosses the Line Enforcing Child Support Obligations Grounds for Divorce in Illinois Changing Spousal Support Obligations Are Cold Feet a Sign That Divorce Lies Ahead? Prenuptial Agreements: Do They Make Sense for You? The Tax Consequences of Divorce Supreme Court to Decide International Child Abduction Case How Mediation Aids in Child Custody Disputes Changes in Child Custody and Childcare in Illinois Debt, Divorce, and Remarriage: What You Should Know First Same-Sex Marriage Illinois--Effective Date May Change Baby Boomers Divorcing in Greater Numbers Child Visitation: Making it Count for the Holidays When is a Prenup Considered Invalid? The Effects of Divorce on Men Is Divorce Contagious? When Divorce Mediation is Better How interpersonal relationships can impact high-asset divorces Suspending social media use during family law disputes How to begin addressing the issue of hidden assets Co-parenting considerations post-divorce Increase in couples seeking postnuptial agreements Grandparents' Rights and Financial Assistance Advice for Divorced Parents as the School Year Begins International Child Support Treaty Approved By House The Average Cost of Raising a Child Today More Women Paying Alimony and Child Support to Husbands When Divorce Leads to a Dog Fight: Increase in Pet Custody Cases Illinois Most Recent State to Recognize Virtual Visitation Divorce Expos Gaining Popularity Divorce and Data Gathering More Baby Boomer Women Seeking Divorces Couples Frequently Choose January to Divorce End-of-Year Checklist for Individuals Contemplating Divorce Increase in Delinquent Child Support Seen in Chicago Suburbs Including Both Parents on School Forms Child Support Taken From Casino Winnings? Not Yet in Illinois Increasing Numbers of Illinois Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Divorce Rates Highest in the South, Illinois Divorce Rate Below National Average Welcome to Our DuPage County Family Law Blog Reviews Contact Wheaton Office Oswego Office Divorce By County Kane County Divorce Kane County Spousal Support Kane County Child Support Kane County High Asset Divorce DuPage County Divorce DuPage County Complex Divorce DuPage County High Asset Divorce Thank you Wendy M. Musielak for DCBA Third Vice President 2017 Disclaimer Sitemap Privacy Policy


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