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Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) allows people to work through their problems with the assistance of trained professionals without the active involvement of the Court. The goal is to reach a solution that both parties agree to and is in the best interests of the family. This approach usually eliminates the need for costly, time-consuming litigation. It is often very effective in family law cases, and can be used to reach agreements about marital property division and issues such as spousal support and custody.

Methods of ADR include:

  • Mediation — Parties working together to reach an agreement with the help of a neutral third party
  • Collaborative law — Parties working with lawyers trained in collaborative law to reach an agreement that is beneficial to their family
  • Arbitration — Parties agree to let an arbitrator decide the outcome of their dispute

Alternative Dispute Resolution Mediation and collaborative law are often used in family law cases; arbitration is generally used in commercial, employment and other civil disputes.

At Andrew Cores Family Law Group, our family law attorneys are trained in collaborative law and as mediators. Our attorneys effectively use ADR to assist our clients in reaching beneficial agreements for their family. Find out more by making an appointment with an alternative dispute resolution attorney today.

There are many advantages to mediation and collaborative law. Mediation and collaborative law are less adversarial processes than litigation. They are generally less stressful for children because they see their parents working together instead of fighting each other in court. They give the parties the ability to control the outcome of their future rather than having a judge make the final determination based on a small snapshot of your life.

However, ADR does not work for every family or for every case. If your family law matter cannot be resolved through mediation or collaborative law, we can advise you on handling your case in court through traditional litigation.

To make an appointment with our Wheaton collaborative law attorneys, please call 630-871-1002 or contact us online. We have offices in DuPage County and Kendall County.

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