Finding Hidden Assets in an Illinois Divorce

DuPage County Divorce Lawyers Help Clients Protect Assets

Finding Hidden AssetsDivorce is often a complicated process. There are many issues that require examination. Perhaps one of the most important of these issues involves determining the full value of marital assets. By doing so, your divorce attorney can help to protect your financial interests and aid you in reaching your outcome goals.

But, can you be certain your spouse is telling the truth about the value of your shared assets? Could he or she be hiding accounts or secretly spending part of your family's income?

At Andrew Cores Family Law Group, we assist our divorce clients in finding hidden assets their spouse may be attempting to conceal. In an effort to locate buried assets, the divorce lawyers at our firm utilize not only their own aggressive research, but often rely on the assistance of industry experts, such as forensic accountants.

If you suspect your spouse may not be telling the full truth about your financial situation - get help finding hidden assets. Contact Andrew Cores Family Law Group, at 630-871-1002 to arrange a consultation.

Finding Hidden Assets During Divorce

In a perfect world, you would be able to put full trust in your spouse and the statements he or she makes concerning your joint assets. Unfortunately, divorce situations are usually far from perfect. We often receive calls from worried individuals who are concerned their spouse is hiding something. Our experience tells us our client's hunches are usually correct.

When finding hidden assets, we may subpoena banks and other financial institutions for records. We may have an accountant review your tax records in an effort to be certain all income is accounted for. If money is missing, we will do all we can to find out where it has gone and see that it becomes a part of your divorce case.

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