New program targets overdue child support payments

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Although many parents make their child support payments without any problems, sometimes a parent needs extra help in obtaining support payments from an ex - including wage garnishment. According to the federal Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE), 70 percent of child support payments are collected through wage withholding.

To help ensure that all children receive the child support payments that they deserve, the OCSE has launched the Passport Denial Program. Under the new enforcement incentive, those who owe back child support cannot leave the country and skip out on their responsibilities.

In order to implement this program, the OCSE worked with the Department of State to develop a process that effectively denies passports to those who owe over $2,500 in back child support. To get a hold on the passport application removed, the employer of the applicant must pay the back child support arrears.

According to OCSE, employers have paid hefty sums to get employees their passports so that they can travel on business trips. For example, companies have paid anywhere from $12,000 to $158,000 to get their employees' passport applications approved.

Tax implications of child support

Generally, child support payments are not tax deductible and the parent who receives these payments does not have to claim them on their taxes as income. However, payments made on an employee's behalf under the Passport Denial Program are different. The OCSE notes that when an employer makes these payments, it is considered an employee bonus, which is taxable.

How child support is calculated

The amount that a parent is paid in child support is dependent on a number of factors, including both parents' incomes, living expenses, and the needs of the individual child-including things like daycare and medical expenses. Child support awards vary based on the number of children in the family, as well.

Child support orders are not necessarily set in stone. Modifications to a child support order can be made if a parent loses his or her job, or suffers a wage cut. In addition, if the needs of the child change, the court also considers this and may modify a child support order.

If you need legal help

If you need help with a child support issue, contact an Illinois family law attorney. An experienced lawyer can let you know what steps you need to take to get the child support payments that your children deserve. If you owe child support and suffer a financial setback, an attorney can provide more information on how to obtain a modification of your support obligation.

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