Separate Lives - One Roof: Divorced Roommates Common in Illinois

DuPage County Foreclosures Impact Divorced Spouses Living Together

Between January and June of this year, the number of Illinois couples filing foreclosure papers increased by 29 percent — twice as high as the national average. In Cook County, during the month of July, one in every 401 homeowners were served with foreclosure actions.

While Illinois is one of the hardest hit states, much of the nation currently suffers from a similar trend.

For couples going through a divorce, or considering one, this continued decline in the housing market is forcing tough decisions and giving rise to some interesting living arrangements. Even couples who have already been legally separated now often find themselves sharing a home — sharing chores, time with the children, dinners and the other intricacies of day-to-day "family living."

It may seem like an unusual situation, but the "divorced roommates" phenomenon is far from rare. While some divorced couples have worked out a smoothly operating plan and exist in relative peace, this is almost always a choice made of necessity, not desire.

Even though most divorcing couples put their house up for sale, the struggling economy often means few potential buyers. When homebuyers do appear, there are so many houses to choose from that the chances of finding a buyer and acceptable price may be slim.

With Illinois ranking in the top ten nationally for foreclosures, it may take some time for things to improve.

For those couples continuing to stay in a single home despite changes in family dynamic, the increasing number of families in their situation shows that, while potentially difficult, co-habiting during a divorce is possible. If you are considering such an arrangement, however, you should be aware of potential legal roadblocks that may arise. Contact an attorney for help with saving money during a divorce.

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