Why Choose Mediation?

Trained Mediators in DuPage County Save Time, Money and Relationships

Andrew Cores Family Law Group Disputes between family members are never easy, whether they involve spouses, parents, children or siblings. So much emotion is involved that it is easy to let feelings obscure the practical matters that must be decided. That is why the help of an experienced family lawyer and mediator can be valuable.

Andrew Cores Family Law Group is proud to offer mediation services from trained mediators and family law attorneys. We understand that traditional litigation is not suited to every family. Alternative dispute resolution provides family-friendly options for settling disputes and reaching agreements on divorce, child custody, child support and spousal support.

The Benefits of Mediation

Mediation is a valuable tool for settling many divorce and family law cases. It works because it is far less formal and intimidating than a trial, so the parties are usually more relaxed and able to communicate honestly. Families also spend less time and money on mediation than they do on litigation, which can be expensive and last for many months. Mediation also is a process that allows the parties to be actively involved in their future and make the determination of what are the best interests of their family.

Children are too often traumatized by unhealthy family relationships and subsequent divorce or custody proceedings. Through mediation, the parties can often lessen the tension and negative impacts of the divorce on the children, which protects the children from much of the stress and anxiety associated with a litigated divorce process. Instead of witnessing a lengthy court battle, the children can see their parents finding ways to work together for the benefit of the family.

Mediation, like collaborative law, also provides an opportunity for the parties to create resolutions unique to their families. When decisions are left to the court, there is less flexibility and a judge who knows very little about your life will make the ultimate decision. Giving the decision-making power to a judge who knows little about your family can lead to neither party being satisfied with the results.

With offices in DuPage County and Kendall County, we offer convenient ways to consult with your family. Please call 630-871-1002 to schedule an appointment. You may also contact us online.

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