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Guardian Ad LitemGuardians are court-appointed individuals granted the legal authority to make decisions on behalf of individuals unable to care for or protect themselves. Elderly relatives, people with severe disabilities, and minors may be in a position to require the protection of a guardian. To learn more about guardianship proceedings, contact the law office of Andrew Cores Family Law Group. We represent people throughout Illinois from our offices in DuPage and Kendall Counties.

Guardians Are Designated to Act in the Best Interest of Those Who Cannot Protect Themselves

It can be as dismaying to have to place a loved one in guardianship as it can be to become a ward of another. Necessary as it may be, guardianship places legal control over many aspects of life into the hands of someone else. The purpose of guardianship is to give legal authority to a trustworthy person so that they can act in the best interest of someone who is unable to make considered decisions or to care for himself or herself.

Older adults and people with severe developmental, mental, or physical disabilities may need the protection of a guardian if they are or become legally incapacitated, or if they pose a danger to themselves or others. Unemancipated minors and children who have been abused or neglected, or those who have lost their parents require guardians because they are not considered legally able to make these decisions.

When considering legal protection for a loved one or family member who is unable to make rational financial or medical decisions, it is essential to consider all of your alternatives. Any person you select as a guardian must be trustworthy, willing to act only in the best interest of the ward, and ready to accept serious, long-term responsibilities.

Designating a Guardian in Your Will or Seeking Guardianship over Children

Andrew Cores Family Law Group represents people in Illinois guardianship proceedings, and can also advise you in planning for the potential need for a guardian, as well as steps you can take to ensure your own care or the care of a dependent loved one without guardianship.

If you or your spouse were to pass away who would care for your children? Failing to consider who would become legal guardians for your children may place that decision in the hands of the state. In order to protect your right to decide who should raise and care for your minor children in the event of your death, consider naming a guardian for them in your will. We also represent people seeking to be appointed guardians over their step-children or children in their extended family because their parents are being charged with abuse or neglect.

Protecting Yourself or Your Loved Ones without Guardianship

If you plan ahead, there are legal options that can help you prevent yourself or your loved ones from being subjected to guardianship. For example, if you have a dependent adult child with a severe disability, developing a living trust or special needs trust for that person could allow him or her to live independently when you pass away. Temporary incapacitating conditions typically do not require guardianship, but you can take steps to ensure that any decisions family members make on your behalf are in line with what you would have done. Creating both a medical and financial power of attorney, creating one of a variety of trusts, and exploring options for professional financial management are all options you can use to maintain your independence for as long as possible.

Experienced Guardianship Litigators are pivotal in protecting your rights

The guardianships process is complex and requires knowledge of the procedures followed by the courts in both protecting the rights of those for when guardianship is sought as well as those settling to act as guardian. Hiring an experienced lawyer knowledgeable in those rules is pivotal in preserving the estate for the benefit of the award and his or her heirs. The law firm of Andrew Cores Family Law Group has a team of attorneys experienced in all phases of guardianship litigation.

To learn more about guardianships and representation in guardianship proceedings, contact attorney Andrew Cores through this Web site or call the law firm of Andrew Cores Family Law Group at 630-871-1002. We have helped people gain guardianship for clients throughout Illinois from our offices in Illinois, including the areas of DuPage County, Kane County, Will County and Kendall County.

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