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DuPage County Spousal Support AttornyNot all divorce matters require alimony, but by talking to an experienced spousal support attorney, you may be able to fully understand how spousal support payments may factor in to your divorce. Our Illinois divorce attorneys at the law office of the Andrew Cores Family Law Group in DuPage County and Kendall County focus their attention on effectively advising family law clients and are fluent in the language of the spousal support laws in Illinois.

Also sometimes called alimony or spousal maintenance, spousal support is determined by a wide range of factors. Some of these factors include (but are not limited to) the aspects of a divorce listed below:

  • Length of the marriage
  • Health
  • Monetary contribution of the parties
  • Income potential and employment situations
  • Age
  • Effect of marital responsibilites on earning potential

Our firm can help you determine how much spousal support will be paid and for how long, from a planning perspective. We fight hard to ensure that, if spousal support is applicable, it is ordered in a reasonable amount for a manageable period of time, in accordance with the formula provided in the law. A lawyer at our office can also explain how support awards are to be calculated based upon income and the length of the marriage.

Despite the statutory formula applicable in many cases, spousal support calculations are not set in stone and can be deviated from as seen fit by the judge in the case. For this reason and others, it may be in your best interest not to leave these decisions up to the court and instead attempt to arrive at a settlement by means of mediation or collaborative law. However, when necessary, we utilize our extensive litigation skills and aggressively advocate for our clients in court.

Call the DuPage County and Kendall County, Illinois law offices of Andrew Cores Family Law Group at 630-871-1002 or contact us through this Web site with any questions you may have for us regarding your spousal support matters.

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