3 Tips For Co-Parenting During the Holidays

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DuPage County Parenting Plan LawyerMost parents feel that having children around for the holidays makes these special days even more magical. For parents who are going through a divorce, the prospect of not spending all the holidays with their children can be difficult to even think about. Figuring out a parenting plan that divides parenting time during the holidays might seem all but impossible. 

Parents who are struggling with this situation can take heart in knowing that many people before them have successfully managed to create parenting plans and new traditions that work well for everyone. Children will appreciate the predictability of a consistent parenting-time schedule and parents generally find that children adjust surprisingly well. If you are navigating holidays for the first time during or after a divorce, here are some tips to help ease the transition. 

Strive for Simplicity

Many parents find that it is simply easier to alternate years rather than trying to move children repeatedly from house to house for each separate holiday. The most important thing is to reduce stress for parents and children, and to adjust when necessary. Creating a schedule that is predictable and easily workable is often more helpful than trying to get exactly what you want. 

Start New Traditions

Divorce triggers a lot of changes and family traditions during the holidays are no exception. Trying to keep things exactly the same as they were during the marriage may only end up reminding everyone how much things have changed. Establishing fresh traditions allows everyone to spend time together creating joyful new memories and will give children something to look forward to. 

Take Care of Yourself  

Parents who are well-rested and fulfilled take better care of their children. While you may be tempted to isolate yourself because your children are not with you during the holidays, instead it may be helpful to reconnect with friends and visit other family members. Some parents even use the holidays to travel to places they have never been. 

Spend quality time with your children before and after the holidays and then take care of yourself when they are gone. Eating well, getting enough sleep, and doing things you enjoy will help you get through the holidays and feel excited to see your children when they return. 

Schedule a Consultation with a Wheaton, IL Parenting Plan Attorney Today 

Managing holidays for the first time during or after your divorce can be a sad and frustrating experience. Although it is not easy to think about or plan around these issues, doing so early can prevent conflict and heartache when the holiday season comes. The skilled and compassionate DuPage County divorce attorneys at Andrew Cores Family Law Group can help you create a parenting plan that fairly addresses holiday schedules and sets you and your children up for success. Call our offices today at 630-871-1002




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