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IL divorce lawyerIf you have made up your mind to get a divorce, the first thing you think of may be to get out of a situation where there is so much resentment and hostility. The prospect of freedom is enticing, and you may be tempted to move out right away. But before you pack your bags and head for the door, there are some things you should consider before you leave the family home.

Once You Leave the Family Home, You May Not Be Able to Come Back

When you leave the family home, you leave your spouse in possession of the house and everything inside. While you may have packed your clothes and other necessities, there are likely valuable items such as furniture or items of sentimental value that are still in the home.

Although there are consequences in the property division process for spouses who destroy, hide, or sell furniture and other valuables without their spouse’s permission, this is not unheard of, especially in divorces where spouses are fighting constantly. If you leave and your spouse changes the locks, you may have lost a valuable opportunity to protect your belongings.


DuPage County divorce attorneyIn hostile divorces, couples are often unable to come to an agreement about important issues such as parenting responsibilities and the division of assets. These issues can become contentious to the point where a trial is the only way to reach a resolution in the divorce.

When a divorce goes to trial, a judge will make decisions about contested issues according to Illinois law. However, before such decisions can be made, the judge needs to understand the divorcing couple’s situation. Each spouse’s attorney will make an argument to the judge and try to convince them that their client’s perspective is correct. One way to do this is through the use of something called an expert witness.

What is an Expert Witness?

An expert witness is an individual whose experience qualifies them to form an opinion regarding an issue relevant to the case. The witness testifies before the court about things such as child welfare, a parent’s mental health, or a business’s financial value. A spouse could independently hire an expert witness to advocate for their perspective, or the court may require an expert witness and require one or both parties to pay the cost.


wheaton divorce lawyerThe period of time right before you file for divorce is extremely important. There are so many things that you should be getting prepared for, but one of the most important decisions you should make before you begin your divorce is which divorce attorney you will hire to help you through the process. These days, most people find divorce attorneys by talking to family and friends or searching online. However, the thought of searching for an attorney online can be daunting, especially if you are trying to be discreet about your search. Privacy can become an issue in many divorces, but there are things you can do to help protect your privacy when you are looking for a divorce attorney.

Tips to Following When Searching for Lawyers

Anything you do online leaves a footprint. For people who want to peacefully conduct their search for a divorce attorney, privacy and cautiousness are key. If you are looking to hire an attorney to assist with your divorce, here are a few things to keep in mind during your search:

  • Avoid using shared devices. If you are looking for an attorney online, you should try to avoid using any devices that you share with your spouse. Instead of using a shared tablet or household computer, use your cell phone or another device that only you have access to.


dupage county divorce lawyerAn engagement ring is an important part of getting married for many people. Engagement rings have a long history, dating all the way back to ancient Roman times when they were made out of things like ivory or iron. Diamond engagement rings did not become popular until the late 1940s when De Beers, a British jeweler, launched one of the most successful ad campaigns in history. The world became convinced that indeed, “Diamonds are forever,” making diamond engagement rings the “standard.” Now, the average American spends around $7,750 on an engagement ring, making it a valuable piece of marital property. One of the questions that many divorcing couples have during the property division process is about the engagement ring. Who gets to keep it?

Property Division Laws

Illinois makes a distinction between marital and nonmarital property during divorce. Illinois law states that any and all marital property is subject to division. Marital property includes any property that either spouse acquired during the marriage or any debt that either of them might have taken on. Nonmarital property is anything that either spouse acquired prior to the marriage. However, there are exceptions to that rule. Property that was acquired through inheritance, property acquired in exchange for that property, property acquired as a gift, and property that is excluded by a valid prenuptial or postnuptial agreement is not part of the marital estate.

Determining Who Gets the Ring 

Illinois law states that gifts are the property of the person who receives them, even in a divorce and even if the gift was exchanged between spouses. A gift that either spouse receives at any point is considered to be nonmarital property. It is customary to give an engagement ring before the marriage, with the intent that the recipient will go through with their promise of betrothal. As long as the marriage happens, the engagement ring is the irrevocable property of the person who received it. 


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Wheaton IL divorce attorneyDivorce is always an incredibly emotional process, but many people do not understand the legalities that go along with it. With so many important details to attend to, it is easy to make mistakes that can result in forfeiting your rights or making the divorce more expensive than it needs to be. If you are about to go through a divorce, it is important to avoid these common mistakes so you can protect your best interests while completing the process as quickly as possible.

Arguing Unnecessarily

It is not uncommon for couples to argue when they are going through a divorce. While an argument may arise between you and your spouse during the process, it is important to remember you should only engage in these disputes when necessary. Even then, you should only do so through your divorce attorney and not directly with your spouse.

For example, you may want to keep certain property in the divorce not because it is important to you, but because you want to spite your spouse. An attorney will advise against this, as it will only lengthen the process and cost you more in the end. Still, there are times when you may have to become more assertive and fight for what is rightfully yours, which a lawyer can also advise on.


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