DuPage County – One of the Best in the Country

 Posted on June 16, 2015 in Divorce

Illinois divorce attorney, Illinois family lawyer, family income potential,A recent study by Harvard economists found that DuPage County, Illinois is one of the best in the country, especially for allowing families move up the income ladder.

The Equality of Opportunity Project at Harvard studies economic opportunities for low-income children. It is becoming an increasing reality in the United States that income status at birth has a significant impact on the success of a child and their ability to improve their lives. In many counties, there is little to no income mobility, which means they are not the ideal environments to raise a family. The study found, however, that DuPage County was the opposite.

Success of DuPage County

DuPage was better than more than 89 percent of counties across the country in income mobility, which means it is one of the top counties to raise a family. In fact, DuPage was found to be better for low-income families overall compared to other families, because the effects of income mobility are more sharply felt in those social strata. DuPage exhibited the following factors, all of which are associated with strong upward mobility: better schools, lower violent crime rates, larger number of two-parent households, less segregation (racial or income), and lower levels of income inequality.

DuPage has such a profound effect on its families and the report found that residents enjoy a 15.2 percent increase in earnings gained relative to the rest of the country. This has a profound effect on a child’s upbringing because they will arguably have greater access to resources, opportunity, and education.

With the publication of the report, DuPage’s popularity will increase as the “it county” to move to in the neighboring Chicago suburbs. Of course, it is impossible to say that the county itself can save a failing marriage from divorce, or create an easier solution for parents struggling to come to an agreement over child support obligations. As such, couples and parents should not relocate to DuPage County simply hoping that it will provide a quick fix for any family problems.

Are You Facing Legal Issues at Home?

The success of DuPage County serves as a reminder of how important it is to leave your children a long-lasting and successful legacy. While it is hopeful many parents will not seek divorce, it is impossible to ignore the odds. Furthermore, in such a successful county, working through the division of assets, especially if a couple has raised their economic mobility through the marriage, will require a deep understanding of local law. If you have legal questions in DuPage County, or simply are ready to pursue a divorce, reach out to one of the skilled DuPage County family law attorneys at our firm to begin the process.

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