Three Tips for Choosing the Right Divorce Attorney

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choosing the right divorce attorney, Illinois divorce lawyer, Wheaton divorce attorneyIndividuals thinking about filing for divorce may find the whole process intimidating. Fortunately, no one has to go through it on their own. A Wheaton divorce attorney can guide you through the complicated divorce process. This makes choosing the right divorce attorney for you an important decision, as the correct choice can make all the difference between a relatively painless process and a drawn-out battle.

If you invest time in the beginning, it can come back with interest in the future in the form of an easier separation. Make sure you do your research, conduct interviews with potential attorneys, and watch out for warning signs.

 Do Your Research

 Doing the research now can save you major headaches later, and there are several things you should look into. One of the first steps is for you to look into how to hire a lawyer in general, and what you should focus on when making the decision. You may want to pay attention to how legal licensing works, or the different types of fee structures that attorneys might charge, both of which can be researched by contacting the Illinois State Bar Association.

Once you have looked into legal licensing and fee structures, continue by looking into divorce attorneys in your area. Gathering recommendations from friends and browsing attorney websites online can yield you great results.

 Conduct Interviews

 Once you find promising candidates, pick up the phone and call. Explain your situation to the attorney with whom you speak, and ask some preliminary questions. If you like the answers you receive, you can set up an in-person meeting. A face-to-face meeting can help you give them a more thorough explanation of your case, and give you a sense of how they will handle it.

Try to find a lawyer whose demeanor you respect and appreciate. In the event that you are at a firm with multiple attorneys, ask to meet the one who will handle your case, even if they are not the one with whom you meet in the beginning.

 Look Out for Warning Signs

 The attorney interview can also provide a great opportunity to watch for warning signs to look out for in divorce attorneys. For instance, if they constantly get distracted by their phone or email during the interview, that will most likely not change after you hire them. If they promise you the moon in the interview, that can also be a bad sign, since law can be unpredictable at the best of times. You should also pay attention if the lawyer reveals confidential details of another case. If they do it to someone else, they might do it to you.

 If you are currently considering a divorce, contact an Illinois divorce attorney today. They can explain your options and help you through this difficult time.

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