Reinventing Yourself After Divorce

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DuPage County Divorce LawyersYour life after divorce is different than married life, or even your life before your marriage. Being married likely changed you, for better or worse, and your divorce will change you again. Now is the time to decide your vision for your post-marriage life. No matter what, your life will change, and it is up to you to create the experience you want.

Try these helpful tips for reinventing yourself after the divorce is finalized:

Acknowledge the Loss

Regardless of whether you were the one to say the marriage was over, you experience a personal loss in a divorce. Your life once had another person intimately involved in every detail, and now that person is no longer there. Acknowledge there will be grief and allow yourself to experience it.

Love Yourself

One of the most common thoughts after a divorce is, “What is wrong with me?” Just because the marriage did not last does not mean it is anyone’s fault. Two people can grow apart from each other. Circumstances change us and sometimes that change does not bring us closer together. Take time after the divorce to build your self-confidence and believe in your self-worth again.

Let the “Old” You Shine Through

There is a lot of compromise in a marriage, which can result in the loss of hobbies and activities you enjoyed before. Prior to your marriage, you had a whole life that focused solely on you and your hopes, dreams, and desires. Once you got married, you began to share that time with your spouse. Reignite your interest in some of those activities you never had time for during the marriage.

Discover the New You

How many times throughout your marriage did you wish you had time to try something, but never got around to it, or you chose not to because your spouse would not support it? That happens to many people. Now is your chance. Try that cute hairstyle your ex would have hated. Go back to school to finally follow your passion. Book that cruise you never had the time to schedule together. Do something you have always wanted.

Contact a Wheaton, IL Divorce Lawyer

Perhaps you are undecided about whether divorce is the right solution. Many people question their decision based on the fear of what happens after divorce. The marriage has been such a huge part of your identity for so long that maybe you are not sure you can become your own person again. A DuPage County divorce attorney can help you through this stressful situation. The experienced and compassionate attorneys at Andrew Cores Family Law Group understand how frightening divorce can be and will walk you through every step of the process, enabling you to come out on the other side empowered to live the life you want. Schedule your free initial consultation by calling 630-871-1002 today.


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