6 Common Reasons for Gray Divorce in Illinois

 Posted on March 25, 2024 in Divorce

IL divorce lawyerGray divorce has gone from quite rare to very normal. Older spouses grow apart just as younger spouses do, sometimes even more so after a very long marriage. Many people undergoing gray divorce also got married later in life and have found that starting a new marriage as an older adult is complicated. Gray divorce is increasingly accepted. Long marriages are not necessarily good marriages. Some couples who divorce at an older age have been unhappy for some time and only recently came to accept divorce as a realistic option for them. Often, older spouses are better able to cooperate during the process and may enjoy a more amicable divorce. If you are getting divorced after the age of 50, it is important to be represented by a qualified Wheaton, IL gray divorce attorney.

Why Older Adults Increasingly Choose Divorce 

A few of the numerous reasons that adults over 50 decide to end their marriages include:

  • Empty nest - Some spouses have always known that they would likely end their marriage once the children had all moved out. Others find that without their children in the home, they are left with little in common and are no longer interested in a romantic relationship with each other. 
  • Conflict with adult children - When only one spouse is estranged from the couple’s adult children, that conflict can come between the other spouse and his/her relationship with them. This can lead to conflict between the spouses, eventually leading to divorce. 
  • Changing worldviews - One spouse may change their way of thinking as social change occurs. The other may retain their traditional values, leading to conflict. 
  • Adultery or new habits - People in their 50s may experience what is commonly called a “mid-life crisis.” This phenomenon sometimes prompts people to start an affair, spend money recklessly, or take up dangerous habits such as drug use or extreme sports. 
  • Financial necessity - If one spouse needs Medicare, both spouse’s assets could be seized in Medicare recovery. Some spouses who still love each other will divorce out of necessity to avoid having the assets they will need during retirement seized to pay for the other’s care. These couples may remain in a loving relationship despite the divorce. 
  • Aging differently - One spouse is still young at 70. He/she wants to go skiing, keep dyeing their hair, and maintain an active lifestyle. The other prefers to relax and age naturally, or begins struggling with age and lifestyle-related illness at a younger age. This can lead to irreconcilable differences

All of these are normal and common reasons why older adults choose divorce.

Contact a DuPage County, IL Gray Divorce Lawyer 

Andrew Cores Family Law Group is skilled in helping older adults nearing retirement age get divorced. Our experienced Wheaton, IL divorce attorneys for older adults will work to resolve your divorce as easily as possible so you can enjoy your new beginning.

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