Are Women More Likely To Initiate Divorce in Illinois?

 Posted on May 13, 2022 in Divorce

IL divorce lawyerDivorce is common throughout the United States, including Illinois, and most partners who learn of their spouse’s desire to get a divorce are not surprised by the news. Yet while both parties may be unhappy in the marriage and being served divorced papers may come as no shock, women are far more likely than men to initiate the divorce process - roughly 70 percent of the time, in fact. But why is this?

Why Do Wives Initiate Divorce More Often?

For those inclined to understand human behavior through the lens of evolution, the natural differences between men and women offer explanations for why women are more likely to ask for divorce. People now have more choices (or at least the illusion of more choices) when it comes to potential partners, thanks to the widespread use of dating apps and social media. When people feel as though the world is their romantic oyster, they are more likely to become pickier about their partners - even if they are already married. This is true for men and women alike.

Research suggests that generally speaking, women and men value different things in relationships. While men value youth and beauty, women value men with an abundance of resources and a relatively high position in the social hierarchy. In the past, women and men have had distinct social roles that usually made them dependent on each other. In turn, this made marriage rates more stable. However, as women become more financially independent and the meaning of traditional masculinity is somewhat muddied by flexible gender roles, women, simply put, can see more options and have less incentive to settle for partners they perceive to be below them in wealth or social hierarchy.

Just as you are far more likely to stay in a job you need, rather than one in which you are unhappy when other options are available, partners of any gender are less committed when they are less dependent on each other. Given the wide variety of options, and the backbreaking pressure women are now under to both raise children and provide financially, women in unhappy marriages have very little incentive not to walk away. Women with unsupportive, abusive, or otherwise dissatisfying partners no longer need to rely on their husband’s income to live well and are more likely to file for divorce.

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