When Should You Introduce Your Children to Your New Dating Partner?

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dating, DuPage County family law attorneysOften times, when a married couple splits they go on to meet new people and might even get remarried eventually. Getting a divorce does not mean that a person is destined to be alone or should never date again. However, dating during or after a divorce can be tricky. If your divorce is not finalized and you meet a new romantic interest, when should you introduce him or her to your children? The answer to questions like these are not always absolute, but experts do have advice for those who have met someone new in the midst of a divorce.

Dating During Divorce Can Affect Court Decisions

There are a few instances when a person might still be technically married but has a new romantic partner. Some marriages are over long before they are legally dissolved, and the spouses may physically separate while the divorce process continues. However, when a divorce is in progress, dating during this time can indirectly affect some decisions made by the court. For example, if your new partner has a criminal record or has been accused of child abuse, the court may limit or place stipulations on your parenting time. Depending the specific circumstances, a judge presiding over a divorce has the authority to take new romantic partners into consideration when making decisions about child custody, spousal support (alimony), and parenting time/visitation.

Dating During Divorce Can Affect Your Children

The biggest concern when a newly-separated person starts dating is how it will affect his or her children. An overwhelming amount of research suggests that introducing children to new boyfriends or girlfriends too soon can be damaging to the children. Many children whose parents are going through a divorce are in an emotionally-heightened state. They may worry that their parents will stop loving them or have fears about a new home or school. Introducing children to a new significant other shortly after separating from your spouse can overwhelm them. The safest legal choice regarding dating during divorce is also the safest choice when it comes to children: wait until after the divorce is finalized. After a divorce is finalized and the dust has settled, children will be much more receptive to meeting a new significant other.

Considering Divorce?

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