Occupations With High Rates of Divorce

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occupation, Wheaton divorce lawyersAny time researchers try to find trends in the divorce rate, there is always a “which comes first” debate that takes place. For example, when looking at professions or occupations that are more prone to divorce, the question must be asked, “Does this profession increase the likelihood of divorce or is the type of person more prone to divorce, for whatever reason, more inclined to work in this field?” Whatever the case may be, there is little question that divorce is more common among those who work in particular industries or jobs, and many such occupations have very similar stresses and challenges.

Police, Firefighters, and Armed Service Members

While it is difficult to imagine modern life without individuals who have committed themselves to public safety and national defense, these jobs are not without their downsides. Police officers and fire fighters often work long shifts, with a great deal of stress added to the equation. Servicemen and women spend months at a time away from their spouses and families, frequently leading to communication issues and deteriorating relationships

Athletes and Entertainers

Countless hours, extended travel, public attention, and a seemingly-constant party-like atmosphere place a strain on any marriage. Dancers, musicians, actors, and other entertainers—whether or not they are particularly famous—often struggle to maintain healthy marital relationships, sometimes in a manner that makes the cover of supermarket tabloids. Professional entertainers experience a divorce rate of more than 28 percent.

Servers and Bartenders

The unique work environment of a restaurant or bar can disrupt what most would consider a normal relationship schedule. Late hours, unpredictable income, and the constant people-pleasing attitude necessary for such an occupation can be sources of problems for many couples. Constantly being surrounded by alcohol consumption can also be problematic, and the foodservice and bar industries are notorious for issues with substance abuse.

Massage Therapists

Jealousy can play a major factor in any marriage, obviously, but in certain situations it can be even more problematic. The job of a massage therapist is one that involves a great deal of personal contact with other people. If jealousy is already a source of insecurity for a couple, it is likely to be made much worse, which combined with a relatively low average salary, can lead many to divorce.

Casino Workers

With all of the various establishments and industries that operate every day, year-round, it is interesting that one particular industry would carry the highest divorce rate of all. Those who work in casinos experience a divorce rate of over 31 percent, with gaming cage workers approaching 35 percent. As with most other jobs with long hours and a high-stress environment, relationships can be extremely difficult to maintain for many casino employees.

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