Be Aware of These Risk Factors That Often Lead to Divorce

 Posted on November 19, 2018 in Divorce

DuPage County divorce attorneyAlthough ultimately, only you and your spouse know if divorce is right for your situation, relationship experts agree that there are factors that exist that decrease the likelihood of long-term marital success. Just as the presence of risk factors in your physical health does not mean that you will definitely receive a diagnosis, these factors do not mean that your marriage will ultimately result in divorce. The existence of these risk factors only means that you and your spouse will likely need to make a conscious effort to overcome these obstacles, typically through communication and compromise. Some common circumstances that increase the risk of divorce include:

Your Parents Divorced

Divorce impacts children significantly, and experiencing their parents’ divorce can affect their own relationships. However, a recent study indicated that biology also plays a role in the likelihood of divorce. A study published in Psychological Science researched adopted children, and the results indicate that the divorce pattern of adopted children more closely resembles that of their biological parents, rather than their adoptive parents. The conclusion the researchers found was that biologically inherited personality traits may play a larger role in the risk of divorce, rather than whether children witnessed a divorce in their own lives.

You Married Young

Our parents try to warn us as teenagers to hold off on marriage. Although for the most part, most of them are just concerned that their child is rushing into a big commitment, there is scientific evidence to back their concerns. Marriages that begin during the teenage years and even in the early twenties have a higher risk of divorce. However, this is also true for marriages that start after 32 years old, according to a study performed by the U.S. Census Bureau. Couples that marry between 25 and 32 have a 24% lower chance of divorce.

You Were Married and Divorced at Least Once

For many, a second marriage is a chance to get everything right that they got wrong in their first marriage. There is a higher maturity level, more stability, and more selectiveness when choosing a partner. However, studies indicate that second marriages have a 5% higher risk of divorce in the first 10 years than first marriages.

Speak to a Wheaton Divorce Attorney

If you are considering divorce, our DuPage County divorce lawyers can answer any questions you may have. Although we cannot tell you if ending your marriage is the best decision, sometimes just talking about it can help you determine the best path to take. At Andrew Cores Family Law Group, we will help you understand your rights and responsibilities, and we will represent you through every part of the divorce process. Call us today at 630-871-1002 to schedule your free initial consultation.


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