Tips For an Amicable Divorce Process in Illinois

 Posted on September 30, 2020 in Divorce

DuPage County divorce mediation lawyerWhen you choose to pursue a divorce, your biggest fear may be that the process will become a destructive fight that harms you, your ex, and your children. It is true that some divorces are contentious, and almost all divorces are stressful, but many of them can proceed amicably. 

If you are able to cooperate with your spouse throughout the divorce process, you can often avoid a trial and reach an efficient resolution that satisfies both sides. If you are hoping for an amicable divorce, you should make sure to approach it in a way that prevents conflict from taking over.

How to Keep Your Illinois Divorce Amicable

Your chances of an amicable divorce often rest on the behaviors of both you and your spouse. Here are some things you can do to make an amicable divorce more likely:

  • Start with couples therapy: In many cases, couples attempt to work through their marital issues before resorting to divorce. If you and your spouse are willing to attend couples therapy together, you may be able to save your marriage. Even if you ultimately decide that divorce is the best option, you will likely start with a better understanding of each other’s needs.

  • Work on two-way communication: An amicable divorce requires regular communication between spouses to negotiate for a mutually agreeable resolution. You should work on expressing your own needs clearly and confidently, but just as importantly, you should work on your ability to listen. When you are open to hearing your spouse’s perspective, you may be better able to identify solutions that meet both of your needs.

  • Focus on your children: In many cases, focusing on your children’s needs can prevent you and your spouse from approaching the divorce selfishly, and it can encourage you to seek solutions that benefit the entire family. You should be sure to consider not only how the divorce process will affect your children, but also how you and your spouse can effectively share parenting responsibilities long after the divorce is finalized.

  • Consider collaborative solutions: Alternative dispute resolutions like mediation can help you maintain an amicable divorce by leaving decision-making power in your hands and guiding you through productive communication with your spouse. Pursuing these alternative methods does not mean you should not hire an attorney, but you should carefully choose an attorney whose approach is consistent with your desire for cooperation and collaboration.

Contact Our DuPage County Amicable Divorce Attorneys

At Andrew Cores Family Law Group, we know that an amicable divorce can provide many benefits for spouses and their children, and we can provide you with the legal counsel you need to make good decisions without resorting to strategies that promote conflict. Contact our Wheaton divorce lawyers today and set up a free consultation by calling 630-871-1002.


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