Tips for Talking to Your Divorce Attorney

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Illinois divorce attorney, Wheaton divorce lawyer, DuPage County divorce attorneyYou and your divorce lawyer will be working closely throughout the divorce process to ensure that you receive the best possible outcome. Since the divorce process can last for months or years, learning how best to communicate with your lawyer early on can save you time, hassle, and money at a later date.

When talking to your lawyer, it is important to keep the goal of your relationship in mind. Your lawyer represents you and your interests in court. That means that when you talk to them, you should keep your focus on legal issues, be honest and forthcoming, and ask questions about any matters that you do not understand.

 Stay on Point

Staying focused on issues that are pertinent to your case can make meetings go much smoother and quicker. That does not mean though that it is not worth building a relationship with your attorney. The two of you will be dealing with each other often, and discussing sensitive issues from time to time.

However, spending an hour venting about the frustrations of your divorce is probably not the best use of your time with your attorney. While you want an attorney who is sensitive to the emotional issues that come along with these cases, spending too much time on them is an easy way to increase your bill unnecessarily.

 Be Honest and Forthcoming

Telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth is certainly important when you are under oath, but it is also a good policy to adopt when talking to your attorney. Your attorney is your advocate in the courtroom. To be an effective representative, they need a full, thorough understanding of your situation.

This might involve talking about sensitive subjects or opening up certain parts of your marital life. While that is not an enjoyable prospect for anyone, it is important for your attorney to be able to plan their legal strategy without being surprised at a later date.

 Ask Questions

 While asking questions of your attorney to speed up the process may seem counterintuitive, it can actually be helpful in the long run. Asking your lawyer to clarify issues can help you understand the progress of your case. Additionally, your lawyer may need your input from time to time on how you want certain parts of the divorce handled. The better you understand everything that has already happened, the faster you will be able to tell your lawyer your feelings on current issues. Of course, you do not need to understand the legal minutiae of each step of your divorce, but questions about the general steps and strategy of your case along with what might happen next can help you be prepared for future meetings.

 If you have yet to find an attorney and are considering divorce, contact a DuPage County divorce lawyer. Our team has experience handling a wide array of divorce cases, and can put that knowledge to work for you.

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