4 Tips for Dealing with a High-Conflict Spouse

 Posted on June 23, 2023 in Divorce

Wheaton Family Law AttorneyHigh-conflict people seem to enjoy the argument and the fight. They want nothing more than to be in a war with you at all times. Then, they believe that they must win at all costs. They can make both your divorce and the period afterward a nonstop nightmare. An Illinois divorce lawyer may be able to assist in resolving issues related to divorcing a high-conflict ex-spouse

Do Not Give Them the Fight

Once you have entered into a dispute with this type of person, there is usually no way out of it. The conflict will keep spiraling out of control. In many cases, your ex-spouse will not be satisfied until you have a climactic battle in court. You are better off doing the best that you can to not get dragged into the fight in the first place, as difficult as it may seem.

You Do Not Have to Answer Everything

There are times when you may have to answer a communication. For example, you may be co-parenting, and the communication involves the children’s welfare. However, you are not under an obligation to answer every single text or e-mail. There are some communications that are better left unaddressed. Otherwise, you could be thrust into a continuous back-and-forth with your ex-spouse. If you do not share children, there is less of a reason to answer. 

Acknowledge But Do Not Argue

While ignoring your high-conflict ex-spouse may only enrage them further, you also cannot respond to them in a manner that gives them a further opening to start a fight. You are best off when you keep your responses brief and acknowledge what they are saying without responding to it. 

Wait Before Responding to a Text or E-Mail

There are several drawbacks to responding to every communication in real-time. First, your ex-spouse will exert control over your life because they will expect you to drop everything and respond to them. Second, you may respond emotionally without the chance to measure your words. You are better off letting some time elapse and re-evaluating what you want to say before you actually say it. Once it is said, it cannot be taken back. 

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