Health Problems Associated with Divorce

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DuPage County divorce attorney, health problems, divorce and stress, stressful event, high blood pressure, sleep disruptions, heart disease and divorce, sustained stressDivorce can be a difficult process that affects many different parts of a person's life. The added stress can manifest itself in a variety of ways, such as adverse health effects if people going through a divorce are not careful. One study from the University of Arizona found that people in the midst of a divorce are prone to poor sleep, which may cause high blood pressure. Other experts have also noted other possible health issues, largely stemming from people's failure to take care of their bodies during the stressful event. This means that divorcing spouses need to be extra careful to maintain their healthy eating habits and ensure that they get regular exercise.

Physical Health Effects

People undergoing a divorce can experience a wide array of potential health problems. The University of Arizona study analyzed over a hundred people several months after their divorce. The study found that sleep disruptions in the time immediately following the divorce were normal, but if they persisted, the disruptions correlated with high blood pressure. This means that divorcees who still experience sleep issues several months after the divorce may want to consult a physician.

Other experts have pointed out other potential health problems that may arise as a result of a divorce. For instance, stress takes a toll on a person's immune system. This means that in the wake of a stressful event like a divorce, people may be more prone to infections like the common cold or the flu. Divorce can also have an impact on people over the longer term, increasing a person's risk for heart disease, diabetes, and mobility issues.

What Causes This

Physicians and sociologists point to two causes of this decline in health among divorcing spouses. First, divorces, especially those handled poorly, are stressful processes. The body's natural response to stress involves the release of hormones that alter the body's functions. This stress response evolved to respond to short term threats like natural predators. Long bouts of sustained stress can produce unfortunate natural reactions, and lead to these sorts of detrimental health effects.

The other possible cause of these unfortunate health issues is depression that may come along with the divorce. This can lead to issues with sleep, and it may also result in fatigue or lethargy. The depression can result in people changing their eating or exercise habits, and generally not taking care of themselves as well as they did during the marriage. Consequently, it is important for people going through a divorce to ensure that they keep caring for their physical well-being.

Going through a divorce can be a very stressful experience. However, having someone on your side can help to reduce that stress. If you are considering filing for divorce, consult an experienced DuPage County divorce attorney today. Our skilled team of professionals can answer your questions and guide you through the process, reducing the stress and difficulty of divorce.

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