Increasingly Common Causes of Divorce

 Posted on November 21, 2019 in Divorce

DuPage County divorce attorneyWhile many of the typical reasons for divorce are longstanding and straightforward, there are some subtler causes that you and your spouse might not have been as attuned to in recent years. Due to new approaches toward marriage and divorce, nearly 50% of married couples may see their marriage end in divorce. Some of these trending causes of divorce include:

  1. Level of interest in having children—For many years, having children was the logical and most common next step taken by a couple after getting married. These days, as evidenced by decreased birth rates, spouses are viewing having children as less of a necessity and more of a personal desire. If you want children, and your spouse does not, this could be a contributing factor to divorce.

  2. Parental interference—If you or your spouse spend a large amount of time with your parents, this may reduce the amount of quality family time you spend with each other. Parents can also influence a spouse’s attitude or approach toward major life decisions in ways the other spouse does not agree with, which can lead to friction in the relationship.

  3. Lack of compatibility—In some cases, two spouses just do not complement each other in the way a loving couple should. While this issue is not as tangible as some other reasons for divorce, it can be a convincing reason to end a marriage in an age of online dating and “plenty of fish in the sea.”

  4. Privacy—These days, with the flood of information and entertainment being consumed every day, and countless technological innovations making it easier for people to interact outside of their own house, it is no surprise that individuality and the resulting need for privacy can interfere with a healthy marriage.

  5. Sex drive—A healthy sex life is no longer the taboo it once was. From medicine and supplements that support sexual vitality to a more open culture surrounding sexuality, you and your spouse might have entirely conflicting views of sex, which can result in relationship problems.

  6. Complications with children from prior relationships—With the increase in divorce rates over the years and more people remarrying later in life with children from prior relationships, it is not always easy to seamlessly blend families. In some cases, step-parents, step-children, and step-siblings may not get along, and a spouse may choose their children over their latest marriage.

  7. An intrusive relationship with a prior spouse or romantic partner—An amicable divorce is much more common than you might expect, and with a world more uninhibited about counseling and psychotherapy, it is not uncommon for ex-spouses to remain friends with each other. Sometimes, previous relationships can make it difficult for new spouses to start their life together.

  8. Not enough knowledge or education about the responsibilities of marriage—“If I had known then what I know now…” is an all-too-common sentiment that accompanies many marriages and subsequent divorces. A more discerning and deliberative decision-making process prior to marriage makes all the difference before rushing to “put a ring on it,” no matter how head-over-heels in love you are.

  9. Preferred geographical location—You may want to live close to your parents, even though your spouse found a job in a different city, or perhaps you want to live in the suburbs, while your spouse is adamant about staying in the city. Is your decision of where to live a compromise either of you can live with, or is it reason enough to consider divorce? Maybe this is not a reason for divorce on its own, but it certainly has the potential to be a contributing factor.

  10. Different parenting styles—In some cases, one parent may be strict and expect a lot from their kids, while the other parent lets them do nearly anything they want. While this could lead to divorce, the truth is that unless you are granted full child custody, your spouse’s approach to parenting will always be an issue. In the age of “helicopter parents” and “bulldozer parents,” there is no way to know for sure just how disruptive your contrast in parenting styles can be to your marriage.

  11. Unemployment or other changes in work—About a decade after the Great Recession, the effects of unemployment are still felt to this day. Unemployment not only changes your finances as a married couple, but it can also give an unemployed spouse much more free time, which could lead to that spouse cheating or picking up destructive habits that could contribute to the decision to file for a divorce. In addition, if one spouse gets a promotion and puts more energy into their career, this could adversely affect the marriage and relationships between parents and children.

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