What Your Ex-Spouse's Remarriage Means for You

 Posted on May 30, 2024 in Divorce

IL divorce lawyerDepending on the circumstances of your divorce, you might experience a lot of complex or even conflicting emotions when you find out that your ex-spouse is getting remarried. If your divorce was amicable and you have a friendly relationship, you might simply feel happy for him or her. If you did not want to get divorced, you might be saddened at the realization that your chances of reuniting with your ex-spouse are now extremely slim. Or, you might feel pity and concern for your ex-spouse’s new husband or wife if your divorce was very contentious or your ex-spouse abused you. Your ex-spouse’s remarriage might impact your divorce decree or parenting plan. A DuPage County, IL divorce modifications attorney can help you understand how your ex-spouse getting married again might change the terms of your divorce.

How Remarriage Affects Spousal Support

If you were paying spousal support, you can likely stop making payments when your ex-spouse remarries. Spousal support is designed to help a now-single homemaker or disadvantaged spouse stay afloat after the marriage ends. Once your ex-spouse marries someone else, your ex and his or her new spouse are responsible for themselves. In some cases, you can stop paying spousal support when your ex-spouse moves in with a new romantic partner even if they do not marry immediately. Always make sure that you have the court’s approval before you stop making payments.

Your Ex’s New Spouse and Your Parenting Plan 

You can move to alter your parenting plan based on a substantial change in circumstances or when your child is in danger in his or her current environment. If your child spends a lot of time in the other parent’s home, your ex-spouse’s new marriage could drastically impact your child’s well-being. To determine if you might need a modification to your parenting plan due to your ex-spouse’s remarriage, your attorney will need to know things like:

  • How does your child feel about his or her new stepparent? - If your child is fearful of your ex’s new spouse or strongly dislikes being around him or her, spending time in that household could be harmful. 
  • What is your child’s relationship with his or her new step-siblings like? - If your child’s new step-siblings are harmful or a bad influence, your child may be better off away from them. 
  • Does your ex’s new spouse have a criminal record? - If the new spouse is a sex offender or has a history of violence, drug abuse, or serious involvement in crime, he or she might be harmful to your child. 
  • Is your ex’s new spouse mentally ill? - If the new step-parent has a serious mental illness or substance abuse problem that is not well-managed, he or she might be considered unsafe for your child to be around. 

Contact a DuPage County, IL Attorney for Post-Divorce Issues 

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