Coping With Depression After an Illinois Divorce

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Wheaton IL divorce attorneyFrom a legal standpoint, a divorce is in some ways similar to a business deal. Marital assets are dissolved and/or equitably split between the invested parties, and even the creation of a parenting plan can start to feel like an exercise in scheduling. Underneath it all, though, there are emotions, including hurt, anger, betrayal, a sense of loss, and grief. At times, this can lead to post-divorce depression. Taking the time to acknowledge the emotional aspects of divorce and address them in healthy ways can help you cope with the stress on your mental health.

Learn to Recognize When You Need Help

Too often, people coming out of a divorce feel ashamed of their perceived “failure.” As a result, they may shy away from asking for help. Reframing your divorce as the end of a journey rather than a shortcoming can allow you to move past it, and a strong support system can help you to do so. With this in mind, seek help when and where you need it. You might consider talking to a grief counselor, the pastor at your church, a friend who has gone through divorce, your family, or a divorce support group.

Many of these options are readily available and waiting for an opportunity to show their love and support, so let them. Ask for your mom to pick up the kids from school if you are stuck at work or just need an afternoon to sit with your emotions. Go to the movies with your best friend. Give yourself permission to lean on the people who love you most, and never be afraid to ask for professional help.

Explore New Things

Whether your marriage was tumultuous and traumatizing, cold and bitter, or a fire that just faded out, there is something to be said about rediscovering yourself once the divorce is over. Certainly, you never stopped being “you.” However, many of your hopes, dreams, and desires, most likely became intertwined with those of your spouse. After all, marriage is often about compromise. Rather than continue down the same path, why not rediscover or even reinvent yourself? Try those things you have always wanted to do but never did. Spend time loving and caring for yourself. Dream. Pursue your passions. Travel the world or go skydiving. Whatever you do, do not let post-divorce depression convince you that life is over. Instead, let the next chapter of your life begin.

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