Can I Date During a Divorce?

 Posted on July 27, 2023 in DuPage County Divorce Attorneys

Wheaton, IL divorce attorneyIn many ways, divorce is your opportunity to begin anew. You may not want to wait until your divorce is completely final before you jump back into the dating world. Many people wonder whether dating during a divorce will complicate their legal process. Dating during the divorce may not have legal consequences, but it could have practical implications.

Illinois Law Does Not Punish a Spouse for Marital Misconduct

Dating during a divorce could be considered “marital misconduct,” even though you may think that it is innocuous. Technically, you are still legally married until the divorce is final. Even if a court were to view dating during a divorce as if it were infidelity, however, it would not affect the key issues of the marriage. Marital misconduct does not impact how property is divided, nor does it affect child support. From a legal standpoint, there would be no consequences for dating before your divorce is finalized unless you were spending large sums of marital assets on the person who you were dating. 

Your Spouse May Take Issue with You Dating

While your soon-to-be ex-spouse does not have control over your life, you need their signature on the divorce settlement agreement to end your marriage. Otherwise, a judge would need to decide disputed matters in a contested divorce. If your spouse sees that you are dating, they may get upset. They may have difficulty processing the thought of you trying to start your life again. Your spouse may think that they need to get revenge, and they may try to do it through the divorce process. They could decide to seek more money or seek additional custody of any children. 

Ultimately, you know the specifics of your situation and it is up to you how to handle dating during divorce. However, you may not want to be public about it if you are dating during the divorce. A more difficult divorce could mean extra time and possible legal fees if your case goes to trial. You should objectively consider your own situation before making any decisions. 

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