Costly Mistakes to Avoid in an Illinois Divorce

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Wheaton IL divorce attorneyDivorce is always an incredibly emotional process, but many people do not understand the legalities that go along with it. With so many important details to attend to, it is easy to make mistakes that can result in forfeiting your rights or making the divorce more expensive than it needs to be. If you are about to go through a divorce, it is important to avoid these common mistakes so you can protect your best interests while completing the process as quickly as possible.

Arguing Unnecessarily

It is not uncommon for couples to argue when they are going through a divorce. While an argument may arise between you and your spouse during the process, it is important to remember you should only engage in these disputes when necessary. Even then, you should only do so through your divorce attorney and not directly with your spouse.

For example, you may want to keep certain property in the divorce not because it is important to you, but because you want to spite your spouse. An attorney will advise against this, as it will only lengthen the process and cost you more in the end. Still, there are times when you may have to become more assertive and fight for what is rightfully yours, which a lawyer can also advise on.

Not Creating a Budget

Divorce is sometimes expensive, and while you should create a budget for it, you should also create a budget you can use post-divorce. It is likely that your financial situation will change after a divorce. This is especially true if you have to pay child support or spousal maintenance. Now is the time to create a budget for after the divorce that outlines your income and all the expenses you will incur. This can help you make informed decisions during the divorce process.

Failing to Change Your Estate Plan

You have a lot to think about when you are going through a divorce, and your estate plan may not be at the top of your mind. However, it is crucial that you remember to make the necessary changes. You may have named your spouse as power of attorney or executor of your estate, or you may have left them assets you no longer want them to have. You must make these changes so your final wishes are fulfilled.

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