Are There Any Benefits to Getting Divorced While Pregnant?

 Posted on April 24, 2020 in Child Custody

Wheaton child custody lawyer pregnancyWhile there are many legitimate reasons to postpone or cancel a divorce due to pregnancy, a person may have some compelling reasons to get divorced while pregnant. As difficult as it may be to end your marriage when you are already dealing with the stresses and expectations of impending parenthood, divorce may be the best overall choice for your family. Here is a closer look at the potential benefits of getting a divorce while you or your spouse are pregnant:

Reasons to Divorce While Pregnant

If you are considering a divorce while pregnant and are worried about the consequences, consider these positive aspects of taking such an action:

  • Your Child Will Not Have to Live Through the Divorce Itself—If you get a divorce while pregnant, you do not have to worry about the difficulties your child may face when shifting from having two parents in the same home caring for him or her to receiving care from parents in two separate homes. Researchers estimate that it can take children about two years to fully adjust to a divorce, on average. If your child is born into a single-parent home, or if you and the other parent will be sharing parenting time from the beginning of the child’s life, he or she will not need to make this adjustment.

  • Your Child Will Not Have to Suffer Through Your Failing Marriage—Many studies suggest that marriages on the brink of divorce can have a hugely detrimental effect upon the children. By getting a divorce before the child is born, you protect him or her from conflict and other problems that come with a failing marriage. This can help ensure that your child will be more well-adjusted and happier overall, since he or she will not be exposed to a potentially toxic environment.

  • You Both Can Focus on Being Better Parents—Whether the other parent stays involved in your child’s life or not, the fact that you two are hashing out the details of child custody before the child’s birth will prepare you both for being good parents. You can put a parenting plan in place that clearly delineates parental responsibilities and parenting time once your child is born. This may even make you more prepared for parenthood than some married couples who stay together. Without the need to address the difficulties you may be experiencing in your marriage, you both can focus on being the best parents you can be.

Contact a Wheaton, IL Divorce Lawyer

While it might not seem like it, there are some benefits to getting a divorce while pregnant. As you weigh your options and give consideration to ending your marriage, you should consult with a DuPage County child custody attorney who has the knowledge and experience to provide you with sound advice. Call the Andrew Cores Family Law Group Divorce at 630-871-1002 to schedule a free consultation.


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