lawyer, Wheaton divorce lawyerWhile the “half of all marriages end in divorce” idea is not entirely accurate, divorce has become a common enough occurrence that many people look to keep their costs down by using do-it-yourself legal websites and filing their own documents. In some cases, this approach may work out fine, but most couples will save time, stress, and yes, even money by working with a qualified divorce attorney. There are many reasons to partner with a skilled lawyer during your divorce, including these most common ones:

1. Experience Matters

A family law firm handles divorce cases every day. This means even relatively young lawyers quickly gain experience with all types of circumstances and unique challenges. Lawyers understand the law, know the local court systems, and are often familiar with the judges themselves. Legal professionals can also bring up important issues that a divorcing couple may not think about when managing a divorce on their own.


divorce mediation, Wheaton divorce lawyersThe divorce rate is higher than it once was, and court dockets around the country reflect this reality. As such, some couples are seeking other methods by which to settle their divorce quickly and amicably, and mediation has emerged as the most common in recent years. While it is not for everyone, there are multiple advantages over going to court that can benefit many couples, and the process is generally worth some consideration.

Clear Advantages

Perhaps the most notable advantage to mediation is the ability to begin relatively quickly. Court appearances can drag on or even take a long time to begin depending how crowded a court’s docket may be. To commence mediation, the only thing required is a mediator, though each side may still wish to retain their own attorneys. Illinois mediators are required to adhere to certain standards and practices, as well as to complete training courses totaling at least 40 hours, but there are enough trained mediators in Illinois that it should not be difficult to find one.


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