wheaton fathers rights lawyerThe relationship between a parent and his or her child is a sacred bond. When that relationship is strained or damaged in some way, it can have lasting psychological effects on the child. Unfortunately, this is exactly what happens in many divorces - often to the father. Even though the law states that parents should be treated equally, this is not always the case. In many cases, the father faces a particularly difficult situation when it comes to divorce.

Navigating Divorce as a Father

It is very common for the father to be overlooked as a parent in divorce cases. If parental decision-making responsibilities or parenting time is contested by either spouse, the judge will step in to make the final decision. Many people still have implicit biases about the role that a mother and a father take in raising children, which can lead to unfairness in the decisions they make. As a father, here are a couple of things you should keep in mind when you are going through a divorce:

  • Stay involved in your children's lives. Many fathers are the ones who leave the family home when they separate from their soon-to-be ex-wives. Even if you do leave the home, however, it is important that you stay involved in your children’s lives. You should be proactive when it comes to your children. Be on time to drop them off and pick them up during parenting time transitions. Have routine conversations with their other parent about school, extracurricular activities, doctor appointments, etc. It is important to show that you are dedicated to being in your child’s life.


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