Child Custody and Your Parent-Child Relationship

 Posted on April 29, 2024 in Child Custody

IL family lawyerGoing to court over a child custody dispute means that many aspects of your private life will be closely examined by a Guardian ad Litem and then a judge. The court will investigate many factors, including the relationship you share with your child, the sibling relationships between your children, and other important relationships in your child’s life. This process may feel very invasive, but it helps the court determine what parenting time arrangement is going to be best for your child. Your DuPage County, IL child custody attorney can help you prepare for this investigation and understand what kinds of questions you and your child may need to answer.

Understanding the Parental and Other Relationships Factor 

To decide what parenting time schedule would be in your child’s best interests, the court will want to understand the nature of the relationships your child shares with you, the other parent, her siblings, and any other significant people in her life. The court will want to understand:

  • The bond between you and your children - Do you and your children share a close, trusting, and loving relationship? What kinds of activities do you do together? Does your child confide in you and come to you for guidance? Or is there a lot of conflict in your relationship? Is one parent much closer to the children than the other?
  • Sibling relationships - Generally, courts presume that it is best for siblings to be together and to move between their parents’ households with each other. However, the court will consider what the sibling relationship is like. If your children are close to one another, the court will likely treat them as a unit. If there is evidence that one sibling is harmful to another, the court may arrange for them to have time apart. 
  • Other significant relationships - This usually refers to your child’s relationships with other family members. For example, if your mother lives with you and your children are very close to her, or they are best friends with their cousins on your side of the family, the court will try to help your child maintain those relationships. If one parent is in a new romantic relationship, the court might also consider the relationship between the child and the new adult and whether it is harmful or helpful. 

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