Different Types of Alimony in Illinois 

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dupage county divorce lawyerAlimony, also known as spousal maintenance, is financial support that can be granted to a spouse in a divorce. This is meant to help spouses unable to care for themselves financially after a divorce. For the court to decide to award spousal maintenance to a spouse, the court considers both parties' income and the marriage's length. The Illinois Marrige and Dissolution of Marrige Act describes three different types of alimony: fixed-term, reviewable, and indefinite. 

Fixed-Term Spousal Maintenance 

Fixed-term alimony involves payments that are provided by one spouse to the other for a set amount of time. The termination date for these payments is decided in advance. This type of alimony is appropriate for people who, after a divorce, have the potential for future employment with an income that allows them financial stability. The goal of fixed-term alimony is to give a person the time to become dependent on themself. 

Indefinite Term Spousal Maintenance 

Indefinite-term alimony is when a court orders permanent alimony with no termination date. This is appropriate when a spouse has no realistic employment opportunities or after the end of a long marriage—usually given to spouses who, during the marriage, took on the role of a stay-at-home parent or caretaker of the home. 

Reviewable Spousal Maintenance 

Reviewable alimony is similar to fixed-term maintenance in that a set amount of payment time is established. After this time has ended, the court will determine whether the party receiving alimony needs to continue receiving it. The termination of alimony occurs once the receiving party is financially stable enough to live without it, gets remarried, or passes away. 

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