Why is Divorce Mediation Gaining Popularity?

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DuPage County Divorce Mediation LawyersDivorce mediation is quickly gaining popularity and is replacing divorce litigation as the “go-to” method of divorce for many couples. Why? No one wants to spend more time with their soon-to-be-ex-spouse than necessary, right?

Increasingly, that is not the case. Mediation allows divorcing couples to work together to create solutions that work best for their unique circumstances. The decisions are more personalized than those produced by a judge. Mediation also prepares couples for the collaboration needed for successful co-parenting.

Let us take a look at some of the leading benefits of choosing divorce mediation:

You are in Control

When you choose mediation, you and your ex maintain all control of the outcome. Together you decide what is most important and you can create arrangements the way you see fit. A judge is bound to the parameters of the law and does not have time to get to know you on an intimate level to fully comprehend the inner-workings of your family situation. Only you and your spouse grasp that critical information. With mediation, you can create a parenting plan, spousal maintenance agreement, and marital property division arrangement that makes sense.

Save Time and Money

The formal divorce litigation process is lengthy and can be drawn out for years. By choosing divorce mediation, you reach a divorce agreement on your time, when all parties are available and ready to discuss all relevant matters. Overall, couples who choose mediation experience a shorter and less expensive divorce.


Through mediation, you avoid entering the courtroom, where everything that occurs is a matter of public record. The reporter at the front of the room documents everything that transpires throughout the session, which then becomes available for anyone to find. During mediation, any notes taken by the mediator remain private; therefore, if someone were to pry into your court information, the discussions within the room will be unavailable.

Communication Skills

The divorce mediation process allows divorcing couples to discuss the details of their relationship in neutral territory with a third-party representative. Often, many of the topics addressed during divorce were avoided during the marriage, which creates tension and animosity. Mediation builds communication skills by negotiating the desired outcome, and also sets an excellent example for the children of how two adults can communicate even if they have opposing views.

Ask a Wheaton, IL Divorce Attorney

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