Financial Abuse is an Often-Overlooked Type of Domestic Violence

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financial abuse, Wheaton family law attorneyWhen we think about domestic violence, what often comes to mind is the physical and emotional abuse that domestic violence victims sadly experience. However, financial abuse is also a type of domestic violence which abusers use to control and overpower their victims. Read on to learn about the warning signs of financial abuse.

When One Spouse is Completely Oblivious to Finances

In many marriages, one spouse is more financially-savvy than the other and therefore does the majority of money management. There is nothing wrong with this scenario. However, sometimes this imbalance of financial responsibility starts to become too extreme. When one spouse is solely in charge of the finances and does not allow the other spouse access to information or funds, he or she could be using money to abuse his or her partner. One major warning sign of financial abuse is when one spouse does not have his or her own debit card, credit card, or checkbook and only pays cash for items. Some abusive partners do not allow their victims access to bank accounts because they do not want them to escape the abusive relationship.

When a Spouse is Forced to Sign Documents

Abusive individuals can also control their victims by having them sign documents which decrease their rights. Some victims of domestic violence have reported being tricked or forced into signing things like business agreements, tax returns, or prenuptial agreements. No one should ever sign a legally-binding document without reading and understanding it entirely. If someone is encouraging their partner to turn a blind eye to the content of a document they must sign, this could be a red flag for financial abuse.

Other signs of financial abuse in a marriage include when one spouse insists that the other spouse relinquish all of his or her paychecks. A spouse who is afraid to spend his or her own money may be a victim of financial abuse. When one spouse is exclusively responsible for paying the bills, managing bank accounts, and making all purchase decisions, it is very easy for the relationship to become abusive. If you are experiencing financial abuse, you should know that there are ways to get help.

Contact an Experienced Family Law Attorney

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