How to Co-Parent Effectively During the Summer

 Posted on April 13, 2021 in Parenting Time

DuPage County family law attorneySummer is quickly approaching, and while this summer may be a little different with the pandemic still ongoing, it is sure to be more hopeful than the last. This may mean that parents make plans that include their children, whether that is going on a trip or even just keeping their child for an entire week instead of just for two days on the weekend.

Summer schedules are typically very different than they are when school is in session, and that is not usually a problem when the two parents are married. After a divorce, on the other hand, this can become a much bigger issue. If you have gotten a divorce and are trying to determine what your summer will look like, below are some tips that can help.

Summer Co-Parenting Tips

Co-parenting with your former spouse during the summer may seem like a challenge, but following these tips can help make it easier. This summer, make sure to:

  • Involve your children. Divorce is very hard on children, regardless of their age. Even when you have a fun vacation planned, it is still a disruption to your children’s regular routine. To make it easier on them, involve them in the planning, and if they are older, ask if they have any of their own plans you need to consider.

  • Make plans in advance. If you want to do anything with your child that deviates from child custody orders or your parenting plan, you need to discuss your plans with your ex as soon as possible. Just like with every co-parenting decision, you should try to come to an agreement whenever possible.

  • Open the lines of communication. It is essential that you continue to keep the lines of communication between your child and their other parent open. Not only is this most beneficial for your child’s development, but if you try to alienate your child from your former spouse, you could face legal trouble.

If you have any concerns about violations of your parenting plan, consulting with an attorney can help. This way, you can have a happy summer with your children while avoiding legal challenges.

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