Illinois Fathers Have Much Less Custody Than Fathers in Most Other States

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DuPage County child custody lawyersStudy after study has shown that children thrive with both parents in their lives. Except for cases involving domestic violence or abuse, having two parents involved in a child’s upbringing is generally greatly beneficial. Even parents who are not married or have gotten divorced are able to work out shared parenting schedules which allow them to both be positive influences to their child. However, according to a new study, Illinois fathers are not enjoying as much parenting time as other fathers around the nation.

Study Investigates Shared Parenting Across the Country

A study has recently been published that puts Illinois fathers at 47th out of 50 states in terms of the amount of custody they have. Illinois children in shared parenting scenarios only spend about 23 percent of their time with their fathers. The study was conducted by a software company called Custody X Change which creates apps for divorced parents. Researchers compiled data about parenting time arrangements through a survey of legal professionals across the country. This particular study only included shared parenting scenarios in which both parents desired to have custody of their children and excluded cases involving custody restrictions due to criminal convictions.

Illinois Fathers Enjoy Less Parenting Time

In 20 U.S states, the data shows that the average parent has custody of their children about half of the time. In the other 30 states, parenting time was much more uneven. Children spend only about a fifth of the time with their father on average in Illinois and spend much more time with their mothers. Tennesee, Oklahoma, and Mississippi are the only states in which fathers have less custody on average than Illinois fathers. Custody X Change hopes that the data gathered can be used to inspire Illinois lawmakers to acknowledge the important role fathers play in children’s well-being and to do more to include fathers in shared parenting situations.

Devoted Family Law Attorneys Protecting the Rights of Fathers

Fathers have just as much right as mothers to be a part of their children’s lives. If you have further questions, contact an experienced Wheaton divorce attorney to discuss your child custody options or other divorce-related concerns. The Andrew Cores Family Law Group has the experience to help with even the most complicated custody scenario. Call 630-871-1002 to schedule a free consultation at any of our three locations today.


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