Should You Consider Mediation For Your Divorce? 

 Posted on February 13, 2023 in DuPage County Divorce Attorneys

wheaton divorce lawyerDuring a divorce, an ideal situation is that both parties can negotiate and settle on terms on their own. If both parties agree on how to divide assets, parenting time, and finances, they can save time, money, and stress. Divorce mediation can be an effective tool for parties to find a resolution that works for everyone. 

During divorce mediation,  couples can use the help of a third-party mediator to facilitate communication, negotiate and resolve conflicts between them. The mediator helps the couple understand their own interests, explore options for settlement, create a mutual agreement, and prepare the necessary paperwork.

Divorce mediation is often faster and less expensive than traditional divorce proceedings. It also helps both parties avoid the stress and bitterness of a court battle. 

How Does It Work? 

Divorce mediation allows for an unbiased voice when working through the parties’ negotiation. The mediator is knowledgeable regarding issues commonly involved in divorce and is trained in amicable dispute-resolution techniques. The spouses will discuss the various divorce issues and work on finding a solution they can both agree to. Mediation is often especially helpful for parents because it is less antagonistic than litigation. Resolving disagreements through mediation may help the parents remain on good terms throughout the divorce, which can greatly benefit their future co-parenting relationship. 

Are There Benefits to Mediation?

Mediation helps the parties work through disagreements and explore various solutions while allowing them to continue complete control of the outcome of their divorce. Mediation is less formal and costs less than divorce litigation. Mediation is also a private process. Unlike court hearings, mediation sessions and not public record, and the information the parents share during the mediation sessions is confidential. This can be especially important for couples with children or high-profile professionals who are looking to protect their privacy during a divorce.

Is Divorce Mediation Required?

In the state of Illinois, divorce mediation may sometimes be required. If the parties can settle things on their own, they can do so. But, if the parties are unable to come to terms, it may become a requirement that the parties at least attempt mediation before inquiring a judge to settle their issues. But even if a judge has not ordered the parties to try mediation, parties can still participate in mediation during their divorce. 

There are certain situations in which mediation is not recommended, including divorce cases involving abuse or domestic violence. 

Contact a DuPage County Divorce Mediation Lawyer 

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