Signs That Your Spouse is Hiding Assets

 Posted on May 15, 2024 in Divorce Finances

IL divorce lawyerIt is more common than you might think for one spouse to find out that the other has been hiding money or other marital property. The signs can be subtle. Many spouses whose DuPage County, IL divorce lawyers uncovered hidden assets had only a vague suspicion that the person they were married to was concealing valuable assets. Spouses hide assets for a number of reasons. Sometimes, it is because they do not want their spouses to know about certain expenditures, like child support for an affair partner’s child, money spent on vices like gambling or drugs, or hidden debts. If you believe that your spouse may be hiding assets, inform your lawyer immediately.

How Can I Tell if My Spouse Has Hidden Assets? 

Some signs that your spouse might be hiding assets include:

  • Unexplained purchases - Your husband just bought a new sound system for the entertainment room, but the purchase does not show up on any of your joint bank accounts or credit cards. 
  • Unfamiliar credit or debit cards - You see your wife making an online purchase using a card you have never seen before that is not linked to any known account. 
  • Lack of financial concern when appropriate - You have only a couple hundred dollars in your joint bank account to last until the next payday and some bills are due, but your husband is entirely unconcerned and insists that you are fine. In fact, he wants to go out for a nice dinner tonight. This might be because he has plenty of money in a hidden account. 
  • Cash from unknown sources - Your wife always seems to have cash on hand and uses it for personal expenses, like nights out with her friends or spa treatments. She does not have a proven explanation for where this cash is coming from, and you do not see withdrawals in your bank account. However, this could also be a sign of other issues, like involvement with criminal activity
  • Secrecy about mail or other communications - Your husband insists on getting the mail himself, will not open his email account in front of you, or discusses financial matters over the phone without explaining who he was talking to. If it is mostly his cell phone he does not want you looking at, this may instead be a sign of an affair. 

Contact a Wheaton, IL Complex Divorce Attorney

Andrew Cores Family Law Group is skilled in finding hidden assets during the divorce process. Our aggressive DuPage County, IL complex divorce attorneys can work with other professionals, such as forensic accountants, to make sure that you have a complete picture of your marital finances. Contact us at 630-871-1002 for a complimentary consultation.

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