Signs Your Spouse Is Hiding Assets

 Posted on November 03, 2023 in Division of Assets

IL divorce lawyerTrust is essential in a marriage. If you suspect that your spouse is hiding assets, it is fairly clear that there is little trust remaining in your marriage. If you are also contemplating divorce, it is important to know whether your spouse has assets you do not know about but may have a claim to. It is fairly common for people who suspect that their spouse is going to leave them to begin concealing money or other valuable property in the hopes that they will be able to keep it all in the divorce. Illinois law requires all marital property to be divided equitably between spouses and considers almost all property acquired after marriage to be marital property. If you suspect that you do not know about all of your marital assets, your divorce attorney may be able to take steps like bringing in a forensic accountant to reveal any hidden money or property. 

How Can I Tell if My Spouse is Hiding Marital Assets? 

Proving whether your spouse is concealing assets might take the work of an attorney or another professional. However, a few signs that may suggest your spouse has hidden assets may include:  

  • Financial correspondence - If your spouse starts receiving mail or e-mails from a bank, investment firm, or other financial institution you are unaware of having an account with, it could be because your spouse is attempting to conceal their financial activity. 
  • Spending from unknown sources - When your spouse makes a purchase - especially a luxury one - make sure you know where the money came from. For example, if your spouse buys a jet ski but you do not see the transaction on any of the bank accounts or credit cards you know about, your spouse may have used a hidden fund. 
  • Missing money - If your spouse starts taking out large amounts of cash and you are unsure where that money is going, your spouse might be trying to build up a secret personal account. 
  • Giving excuses for financial loss - Many people hiding money from their spouse devise various excuses to explain why money is disappearing. They may claim they had a pay decrease, a bad investment, or had to give a substantial amount to help a friend or family member. 

If you notice one or more of these signs, it is likely worth investigating further to determine whether your spouse has hidden assets. 

Contact a Wheaton, IL, Divorce Attorney

Andrew Cores Family Law Group is highly skilled in finding hidden assets. Our aggressive DuPage County, IL divorce lawyers will fight to find any marital property that has been wrongfully concealed from you. Contact us at 630-871-1002 for a complimentary consultation. 

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