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Getting Yourself Ready for a Divorce

Wheaton divorce lawyersIf you and your spouse are at the point where divorce has transformed from a possibility to a near-certainty, it is time to start thinking about the road ahead. Obviously, it is important to consider your post-divorce life, including where you might live and restructuring your household budget to account for your changing financial circumstances. However, the divorce process itself requires a significant amount of planning and consideration, and being intentional about it can help reduce your stress and confusion.

Deciding to Work Together

A divorce does not need to be nasty and chaotic. In fact, Illinois law includes a number of provisions that encourage divorcing spouses to negotiate, cooperate, and develop workable agreements. If you hope to do so, you and your spouse will need to decide early on that this is what you want. By committing to cooperation, your informal conversations can start right away, and the conclusions that you reach can be later captured in your formal agreement. Of course, your initial commitment is just the first step. You might need to remind yourself repeatedly that cooperation is better than months of drawn-out bitterness.

Taking Stock

As soon as you realize that a divorce is likely, you can begin taking notes about what your ideal divorce settlement might look like. Make a list of everything that you and your spouse own, including physical assets like your home, vehicles, or furniture, as well as your investments and any debts. It is also a good idea to think about possible parenting arrangements for your children if you have any. Even if your final agreement turns out to be much different than you expect, your initial notes can provide a starting point for negotiations.

Saving Money

There is no way around it: your divorce is going to cost you financially. While a negotiated divorce is usually much more affordable than one decided through litigation, there will still be necessary costs involved. In addition to filing fees and attorneys’ fees, you might need to put down a security deposit on a new place to live or to activate a cell phone plan separate from your spouse. It is a good idea to start putting money aside so that you are prepared for any unexpected challenges.

Getting Legal Help

Many divorcing spouses attempt to cut costs by skipping out on contacting an attorney. Unfortunately, this can backfire, as a small mistake during the process could cost you much more than you would have spent to hire a lawyer. If you are considering a divorce and would like to know how one of our Wheaton divorce attorneys can help with the process, contact our office today. Call 630-871-1002 for a free, no-obligation consultation.





Keeping Costs Under Control During a Divorce

costs, DuPage County family law attorneyA divorce can be an extremely expensive undertaking in terms of both money and time invested. As a matter of fact, most individuals who are thinking about a divorce tend to ask about the associated costs as one of their first questions. It is impossible to predict exactly how much your divorce will cost you, as the related expenses can vary dramatically from case to case. Your costs will largely depend on the circumstances of your situation, the level of cooperation between you and your spouse, and your expectations regarding the outcome.

Planning Ahead

Preparation is among the most important ways that you can facilitate a cost-effective divorce. Your planning should begin several months before you file your divorce petition. To begin, make a comprehensive list of what you own, including both marital and non-marital property, and think about what your priorities are. Decide which things you want to keep, which things your spouse can have, and which things could go either way. If both of you agree that a divorce is your best course of action, you may be surprised at how well can cooperate at this point.

If you have children, you will need to begin making similar plans regarding them as well. Deciding on parental responsibilities is usually more difficult than dividing property, but it is important to begin the conversation as soon as possible. Every issue that can be resolved in advance is one less concern that you will need to spend time and money on once the divorce actually begins.

Choosing Your Battles

No matter what you may have heard, it is not really possible to “win” a divorce case, but there are often two losers when a divorce becomes a breeding ground for acrimony and bitterness. When you are tempted to stand your ground and fight tooth-and-nail over small details, remember that your costs are continuing to accrue.

Your time would probably better spend on determining a few issues that are really worth your attention and perseverance. Once you have identified those, let the other things go. If your soon-to-be ex is demanding to keep a piece of furniture that you bought together—and is not that important to you—recognize the temptation to argue about it for the sake of arguing, then let it go. It is likely that your spouse will offer you the same courtesy over another item that matters more to you.

Hiring an Attorney

At first glance, it may seem ridiculous to try to save money by paying someone to help with your divorce, but hiring a lawyer can help reduce costs during your divorce and in the years to come. Your lawyer can help you file the necessary paperwork, which minimizes the chance of errors. Additionally, your attorney can help you avoid mistakes that lead to thousands of dollars in unnecessary spousal support, child support, or forfeited assets.

If you would like to learn more about how an attorney can actually save you money during your divorce, contact a Wheaton family lawyer. Call 630-871-1002 for a free, no-obligation consultation at Andrew Cores Family Law Group today.