Virtual Visitation For Long-Distance Parents: How Does it Work, And Is it Mandatory?

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IL divorce lawyerDivorce is difficult for everyone involved, but for parents and children who are separated by long distances, adjusting to life after divorce can be exceptionally challenging. But thanks to fast internet and inexpensive devices, staying in touch with far-away family members is now easier than ever. While there is no substitute for spending time with your little one in person and getting to hold them, helping them get ready for school, or watching them change from day to day, electronic parenting time may be the next best option.

What is Virtual Visitation or Electronic Parenting Time?

Just like in-person parenting time, electronic parenting time is court-ordered time that a parent gets to spend with his or her child via phone call, video call, texting, or another form of electronic communication. And just like in-person parenting time, both parents are responsible for ensuring electronic parenting time happens. This means the parent who has in-person parenting time must keep tablets or phones charged, ensure the child has openings in their schedule, and take other steps so the parent with electronic parenting time can communicate with their child.

Can My Ex Deny My Electronic Parenting Time?

Neither parent can alter a parenting plan without permission from the court. This means one parent cannot allow a child to become “too busy” to schedule electronic communication with the other parent. Not even failing to pay child support can prevent one parent from allowing the other parent to have electronic parenting time. If your parenting plan includes electronic parenting time and your ex is preventing you from contacting your child, you can take action through the court to try to enforce your ex into compliance.

Do I Need to Modify My Parenting Plan to Include Electronic Parenting Time?

If your original parenting plan does not include electronic parenting time and you have recently moved or want electronic parenting time for any other reason, you will need to petition the court to modify your parenting plan. This does not mean you need a court’s permission to call your child on the phone outside the parameters of a parenting plan; but for parenting time to be enforceable, it must be approved by the court.

Contact a Wheaton, IL Parenting Time Lawyer

Modern times call for modern solutions. If you are divorced and living away from your children, virtual parenting time may be an excellent solution for staying in contact with those you love most. To learn more about how virtual parenting time works or to modify your parenting plan, contact the experienced DuPage County parenting time attorneys with Andrew Cores Family Law Group.



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