Warning Signs of a Controlling Relationship

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controlling, Wheaton family law attorneysDomestic violence and abuse are not always as obvious as one might think. In fact, a victim could be in an abusive relationship for a number of years without even being aware of it. Certain domestic violence situations do not occur at the start of the relationship; instead they develop over time. It is important to be mindful of these following warning signs to not only protect yourself, but to keep your family safe as well.

Abuse may take the form of a manipulative or overly controlling partner. If you are worried about such issues in your relationship, look for some of the possible warning signs, including:

Your partner overly romances you. A controlling partner is going to want to make you feel special in order to build your trust quickly. This way, the bond will grow and he or she will be able to persuade you into believing him or her without a second thought. The gifts and abundance of attention may also just be a distraction of the abnormal behavior to which he or she is prone.

Your partner wants a quick commitment. Pressure to get married quickly is a warning sign that may affect more than just you but your family as well. Because your partner tries to convince you to fall in love so quickly, he or she may pressure you to take that leap and get married and even have children right away as well.

Your partner becomes possessive of you. As soon a controlling partner sees you spending too much time with someone else, there is the potential of he or she becoming territorial over you. This is a sign that could make or break the relationship. At this point, you may start to feel guilty for something that is not even your fault. If you are aware of the warning signs during this time of the relationship and you are married, divorce can be an option.

Your partner has unpredictable moods. An abusive partner may be unaware or uncaring about how his or her moods affect those around him or her. His or her mood might change more frequently than you remember. One day they could be happy, and the next they might be abusive or emotionally damaging. It is important to stay aware in these situations and protect yourself from potentially dangerous behavior.

Your partner is always the victim.  Abuse from a controlling partner will never be the abuser’s fault. He or she will find a way to make it your fault.  This could possibly become severe enough for your partner to start blaming you for his or her behavior, making you feel responsible for your own unhappiness.

If you are feeling trapped in a controlling or abusive relationship, we can help. For more information on family laws, discuss your case with one of our experienced DuPage County family law attorneys. Contact us to schedule a free initial consultation by calling 630-871-1002. We represent clients in DuPage County and Kendall County.




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