What Is a Parenting Coordinator in an Illinois Divorce?

 Posted on August 02, 2023 in Family Law

Wheaton Divorce LawyersParents are not always able to agree on key matters that relate to the children. There is a potentially helpful way to break a deadlock. A parenting coordinator can provide a means of resolving disputes that allow you to stay out of the court system. There is a new Supreme Court rule in Illinois that governs the appointment of a parenting coordinator in a family law case.

Parenting Coordinators Are Appointed When There Is a History of Disputes

Courts appoint parenting coordinators in high-conflict cases where one or both parents simply cannot work together. These parents may frequently end up in court, litigating about many matters involving the children. The court aims to take the matter out of the court system to the fullest extent possible. 

Parenting Coordinators Are Very Important in Your Case

When a court appoints a parenting coordinator, they give broad powers. The parenting coordinator can become involved in a number of disputes involving the children. They do not have power to decide disputes, but they can mediate between the parents upon request of the judge. In addition, the parenting coordinator can also document when a parent is not complying with the agreement, which can be the basis for a contempt of court charge. The parenting coordinator handles disputes within the confines of the existing custody agreement, but modifying the agreement is within the purview of the judge, 

The parenting coordinator has the ability to make recommendations to the judge in disputed matters. The judge will often adopt the recommendations of the parenting coordinator, especially considering the fact that they were appointed by the court. If a parent disagrees with the recommendations of the parenting coordinator, they would need to challenge them in court.

What to Do When a Court Appoints a Parenting Coordinator

If the court appoints a parenting coordinator, it is crucial to cooperate. You should hire an attorney who has experience in dealing with these situations and knows how to address a parenting coordinator. While parenting coordinators can potentially reduce friction and legal disputes, you need to be careful when addressing them. The court has given the parenting coordinator power, and judges generally tend to listen to them. 

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