What Topics Should be Covered in an Illinois Parenting Plan?

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Wheaton, IL divorce lawyerNot many spouses who are going through a divorce look forward to co-parenting with their ex-spouse. Odds are, you wanted to get divorced because you did not see eye to eye on many topics, parenting included. There is a reason it is so common for parents who are separating or getting divorced to want sole custody, known as sole parental responsibilities in Illinois. 

It can be challenging to collaborate with your former spouse. However, in most cases, children benefit from a relationship with both of their parents. This more than likely means that you and your former spouse will need to work together for the good of your children. One way to set yourself up for success as co-parents is to develop a strong parenting plan

A parenting plan can address a wide variety of topics related to your child’s upbringing, from which parent they will spend time with and when, to who should be in charge of making important healthcare decisions for the child. An attorney can help you develop a more complete understanding of what type of agreements should be included in your parenting plan. 

5 Clauses Your Parenting Plan Should Contain

Your parenting plan should contain important information such as:

  • A custody and visitation schedule - Where your children should primarily live and when they will spend time with the other parent is one of the most important agreements that should be contained in your parenting plan. 

  • Who makes decisions - If you and your spouse do not agree on things like which religion your child should be raised in or whether they should receive mental health care, it is important to state which parent is in charge of making those decisions.

  • Conflict resolution - It is likely that disagreements will come up as you co-parent. It can be helpful to include a meditation or similar clause setting out a method of conflict resolution. 

  • Custody exchanges - It is wise to include practical matters related to parenting time exchanges. Which parent will pick up or drop off the children, and where? If there are transportation costs, who is responsible for paying them?

  • Communication with parents - When the child is physically spending time with one parent, what kind of communication will they have with the other parent? Will the other parent be allowed to text or call the child directly? 

Having agreements in place in advance of any conflict can help keep co-parenting as seamless as possible after your divorce. 

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