When Can I Stop Paying Spousal Support?

 Posted on November 27, 2023 in spousal maintenance

IL divorce lawyerVery few people are pleased about being ordered to keep financially supporting the person they just divorced. The good news is that in most cases, spousal support does not last forever. Unless you and your spouse are senior citizens who have been married for 20+ years, the chances that you will be able to stop paying spousal support eventually are very high. Generally, Illinois courts do not like the idea of alimony. It is often seen as an outdated concept, a relic from a time when one spouse worked and the other was a homemaker in nearly every marriage. Spousal support is only ordered in cases where the court, having considered all the relevant factors, deems it fair to both parties. There are several reasons that spousal support payments may terminate in Illinois. An Illinois divorce attorney can assess your case and help determine when you might be able to stop supporting your former spouse. 

Ways to Terminate Spousal Support in DuPage County

Most spousal support orders are not meant to be permanent. If you are currently paying alimony, you may be able to have your obligations terminated if: 

  • Your circumstances change - If your income changes and you can no longer afford to make alimony payments, the court will likely grant a modification to stop spousal support. The same may be true if you begin to suffer physical or mental health issues that impair your earning ability or demand significant funds to treat. 
  • Your ex-re-partners - If your former spouse begins cohabiting with a new romantic partner or remarries, you are likely no longer obligated to support them. 
  • Temporary support ends - Spousal support orders are often temporary in the first place. This is common when the spouse receiving alimony is expected to be able to re-enter the workforce and support themself. Alimony may last only long enough to allow the receiver to get some job training in preparation. 
  • Your ex’s circumstances change - If your ex does in fact successfully begin working again and simply does not need support from you anymore, the court will usually cancel alimony payments. 

These are only a few of the reasons a court might grant a motion to terminate spousal support. If you feel that continuing to make alimony payments would be inequitable, an attorney can help you determine whether you might be able to stop. 

Contact a Wheaton, IL, Spousal Support Lawyer 

If paying spousal support is becoming unfair or impractical, Andrew Cores Family Law Group can step in and work to have further payments stopped. Our dedicated DuPage County, IL, spousal support attorneys will do all we can to correct an alimony order that is no longer equitable. Contact us at 630-871-1002 for a complimentary consultation. 


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