When Relocation is Best for Your Child

 Posted on May 17, 2024 in Child Custody

IL family lawyerParents frequently choose to relocate with their children after a divorce or child custody dispute to provide a fresh start or give their children better opportunities. However, unless you have sole custody, you will likely need a court’s approval before you can move away with your children. If the other parent opposes the relocation, you will need to prove that moving with you is in your children’s best interests. Your reasons for wanting to relocate with your children will be very important. The more the move would likely benefit your children, the more likely a court is to approve your plan. A Wheaton, IL child relocation attorney should represent you if you are going to court to decide whether you can move with your children.

Your Reasons for Moving and Your Children’s Best Interests

The court will want to see evidence that moving away is what is best for your children. You likely have a strong argument that moving with you is in your children’s best interests if:

  • Your children would get a better education - If you are moving to a better school district or to be near a specialized school that could help your children in ways their current school cannot, this can help your case. 
  • The other parent has failed to maintain a good relationship with the child - If your child’s other parent has not taken advantage of the parenting time he is allowed under the current arrangement or has a poor relationship with your children, moving away from him might help your children recover from the hurt he has caused. 
  • You have family in the area you are moving to - Having extended family, like grandparents, aunts and uncles, or cousins around can be good for children. Family can provide a quality support system to children.
  • Your child wants to move - If your children are excited to move, this can help, especially if the children are old enough to make well-reasoned decisions.
  • The move would have a positive impact on your children - If you can show that your children would be positively impacted by the move, the court is more likely to approve your planned relocation. For example, if your children are being bullied in their current hometown or would have good opportunities to advance in an extracurricular activity they are passionate about in their new home, you can likely demonstrate that the move would have a good impact on them. 

Contact a Wheaton, IL Child Relocation Lawyer 

Andrew Cores Family Law Group is committed to helping parents show that their relocation would be best for their children. Our dedicated DuPage County, IL child relocation attorneys are highly experienced in child custody litigation. Contact us at 630-871-1002 for a complimentary consultation.

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